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THE 1900'S
In 1877, Thomas Alva Edison invented the phonograph. A technology which would unleash a century of media the world had never seen before. For the first time in history, a single performance, speech or even a simple comedy sketch could be heard by the masses through this new recorded medium. The phonograph record.
But in 1887 through 1900, the Edison cylinder record was one of the only standards in which a record was to be reproduced. Most recordings consisted of Operas like that of Enrico Caruso who was an icon in his time. Other recordings were performed by John Phillip Sousa's  marching band who gave America "Stars and Stripe Forever" in 1900.
By 1901, the Victor Talking Machine company agreed to press its records with the Berliner's disk record. This revolutionized the record industry enabling records to be mass produced allowing millions of copies to be pressed in a shorter period of time. While Columbia and Edison stuck with cylinders, Victor proceeded with its disk production dominating the market until 1902.
The pop music of this decade was full of Operas and Tenors like John McCormack and Henry Burr and Barbershop Quartettes such as Peerless Quartet and Haydn Quartet (Sweet Adeline). Vaudeville acts were popular among mainstream Americans with artist like Ada Jones, Billy Murray and Zigfeld Follies' Bert Williams. Although Ragtime was gaining popularity from black musicians such as Scott Joplin, actual recordings from these artist in this decade are almost non existence. The record companies in this period were reluctant to bring black musicians in the studio because of their race. Ragtime and Jazz were considered "the Devil's music" and threatened mainstream white America. Race was a very big issue back in those days. Sad, but true.

If the record was produced for mono,
it should remain mono.


The Mocking Bird John Yorke Atlee
Tu Non Mi Vuoi Piu Ben Enrico Caruso
A Night Trip To Buffalo American Quartet
He Calls Me His Own Darling tenor solo
The Heart Bowed Down baritone solo
Mocking Bird Medley Male Voices
Sweet Adeline Haydn Quartet
Uncle Josh on Jim Lawson's Horse Trade Cal Stewart
In My Merry Oldsmobile Billy Murray
The Preacher And The Bear Arthur Collins
America (My Country Tears Of Thee) Sousa's Band
Custer's Last Charge Sousa's Band
In My Merry Oldsmobile Billy Murray
Nobody Bert Williams
If The Man In The Moon Were A Coon Ada Jones
Tramp Tramp Tramp Byron Harlan & Frank Stanley
Bake Dat Chicken Pie 'Complete Version Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan
Budweiser's A Friend Of Mine Billy Murray & Haydn Quartet
I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough Cal Stewart
She's The Fairest Little Flower Frank Stanley & Henry Burr
Carmen-Toreador Song Alan Turner
The Little Ford Rambled Right Along Billy Murray
Stars And Stripes Forever Sousa's Band
Il Travatore-Di Quella Pira Enrico Caruso
Arab Love Song Harry Macdonough
The ABC's Of The Usa Ada Jones & Billy Murray
American Polka John J. Kimmel
Dance Of The Fairies Darius Lyons
I've Got Rings on my Fingers Ada Jones