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The Roaring 20s... This is the period we often refer to as "The Roaring 20s". A time of high prosperity, wealth, making lots of money, and dancing. The part of the decade when elegance ruled the days and nights. Champagne for all. Sadly, it all ended with a crash...
One of these reactions to American prosperity was a dance craze which actually started in 1923 called "The Charleston". Other dance crazes would follow such as "Black Bottom" and "The Lindy".
Also beginning in 1925, the technological methods of recording records upgraded from mechanic methods to a new electronic method of recording music. this was a major breakthrough with the use of Vita-Tone which would be used for audio in the new "talkies" or movies with sound.
Other advances in the late 1920s was the flight of Charles Lindbergh in his Spirit of St. Louis fight from New York City to Paris, France achieved on May 20-21, 1927. A song was written for him called "Luck Lindy" and a dance called "The Lindy" was also named after him. He was America's hero in 1927.
The late 20s gave us a new "swing" style from a hot trumpet player , Louis Armstrong and his first vocal hit "Heebie Jeebies". Ukuleles were popular with Artist like Ukulele Ike, Gene Austin and Johnny Marvin's "Ain't She Sweet". But everything seemed to come to a standstill on October 29th 1929. The stock market crashed, spawning the "Great Depression" which would last throughout the 1930 and much of the 1940's until after WWII.

If the record was produced for mono,
it should remain mono.

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