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The Early 1940s
The decade began as the depression continued. But a war would set atmosphere of extreme urgency that would label this generation "The Greatest Generation". The World War II generation. A period when all Americans worked together. Not only supporting our troops, but helping to win this war in many creative ways.
On December 7th 1941, the United States were attacked by Japan at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base. Soon after, we'd be involved in a war in Europe against Germany's madman Adolph Hitler. This war would become known as World War II.
Back at home, many industries chipped in with the efforts. The three major auto makers put their line of new auto manufacturing on hold to create parts for tanks and other military vehicles. Lipstick factories put their facilities to work to make bullet shells. Private citizens were put in charge of various drives; metal drives, rubber drives, etc.... America as a whole nation stepped up to the plate. We were all in this game. What a generation.
Much of the movies like Casablanca were focus around the war. Music had followed the same template with songs like "A Slip Of The Lip" by Duke Ellington, "Praise The Lord, And Pass The Ammunition" by Kaye Kyser and "Shhh! It's A Military Secret" by Glenn Miller, who was in the Army and disappeared on a flight from England to Europe to prepare for shows by his AAF band.
The 1940s for many decades would be remembered as the greatest decade of the 20th century until the late 1960s during the Vietnam War.

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