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The Late 1940s
The end of World War II. America was now the "Shining Beacon of the World". The true land of the free. The late 1940s saw a start of a new sense of hope, victory and prosperity. The end of the Great Depression. The birth of modern America with new style of life. The modern life. And a baby boom that would rival any generation.
In the late 1940s, The United States became the the leader of the free world. Economically as well as militarily. It was also a time for placidity would develop for the 1950s in these new communities called "The Suburbs". Away from the cities dirt and desolation of farmlands. A clean fresh place in the middle where people could affordably own their own new homes on Sunnyside Lane.
The development on new technologies would thrive. Every home had electric refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. New inventions arrived on the markets such as television. For the first time, folks could watch their favorite radio programs on TV. Everything was on the up and up.
The recording industry was changing after the war. RCA had developed a new way to make records by "micro grooving" the records, releasing its new the "45 rpm" record while Columbia had its 33 rpm, LP. Making recorded music sound so clear, so sweet. But the standard 78 rpm continued to be the standard medium. FM was developed in the late 40s but most radio sets still only carried AM.
The music business was changing as well. The "crooners" where becoming more popular in a sea of the big bands. Performers like Perry Como, Billy Eckstine, Dinah Shore and Frank Sinatra. R & B was on the rise during the peak of the Jump Blues movement with Louis Jordan and Bee Bop was the new style of swing.

If the record was produced for mono,
it should remain mono.

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