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The Early 1960s
The early 1960s… Hot Rods, car hops, Surfing, The Twist… You name it. An era of fads. A new a sense of ideology with the election of John F. Kennedy, the civil rights movement and The Cuban Missile Crisis. A period of fun and tension all wrapped up into one until the assassination of JFK.
It began on a quiet note following the death of Buddy Holly in ’59 with Rock 'n' Roll sounding a little country with Conway Twitty, Jack Scott and The Fendermen (Mule Skinner Blues). In the summer of 1960, surf reared its head with The Ventures’ Walk--Don’t Run with Dick Dale’s heavy reverberated guitar sound influence.
1961 brought a rise in high energy Doo Wop with The Marcels’ Blue Moon and The Jive Five’s My True Story. There was also a rise in Elvis imitators such as Joe Dowell. The re-release of The Twist in that summer set us up for one of the biggest dance crazes in Rock ‘n’ Roll’s history to bring us into the next year.
1962… The year of dance crazes. The Mashed Potato, The Loco-Motion, The Wah-Tusi and then… The Monster Mash. Chubby Checker brought Limbo back into partying and cruisin’ the strip was the thing to do on Saturday night. Meanwhile, the nation was in crises with the Cuban Missile delema and fear filled the air again.
By January 1963, The Civil Right act was on the table to be signed into law being pushed by Rev. Martin Luther King and the Folk scene in Greenwich Village. Folk rock entered the pop scene with Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind (recorded by Peter, Paul & Mary) that August. The Beach Boys brought more excitement to the surf scene and tunes about Hot Rods. But all that fun came to an end when President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas Texas on November 22nd 1963. The nation frowned for the balance of the year.

If the record was produced for mono,
it should remain mono.

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