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The Mid 1960s
The Mid 60s… A band from Liverpool, England seemed to have come to rule world and it was "the end the world as we knew it". The British Invasion would have an unprecedented impact on teen culture. Along with the Vietnam War, would give this period such profound changes. Hair on boys grew longer, while respect for their parents would decrease.
But in January 1964, America was still mourning the death of JFK. It was time for something new and it couldn’t have come at better time. The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in February would spark a revolution the country hadn’t seen since the arrival of Jazz and prohibition. It was called Beatlemania. It ushered in a massive increase of British groups to dominate the charts from 1964 through 1965.
In March of 1965, LBJ increased numbers of troupes to be deployed to Vietnam and re-instated the draft to do it. This would trigger the biggest rebellion in American history since 1776. Music started changing. Lyrics were more political with Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues and Barry McGuire's Eve Of Destruction. Motown was in its hay day in 1965. The Supremes had two major smash hits in 1964 that sent the Motor-City’s wheels into action.
In 1966, the birth control pill was unleashed into the market. This was the catalyst of the sexual revolution. Pop music responded with such tunes as Tommy James' Hanky Panky and Young Rascals' Good Lovin'.  1966 also gave rise to bands like The Troggs, ? & The Mysterians and The Count Five. These groups became the fathers of Punk and the grandfathers of Grunge… Garage Rock. Though Garage rock has been around since 1964 (The Trashmen), the genre peaked in 1966 but was quickly absorbed by Psycadelic Rock through 1967.

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