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The Late 1960s
In January of 1967 You could almost immediately feel the presents of 1967. The year kicked off with a sense that change was here. But the atmosphere of peace and love would quickly turn to violence and hate in just one year. The late 1960s is the most influential period in the 20th century. A period that some people still, even today, long for. Free love, LSD, and psychedelic music filled the air all over the world, but none of today’s youth really knows what it was all about.
Let’s start with 1967, shall we? 1967 began with Snoopy vs. The Red Baron and The Monkees I’m a Believer. Within a month, The Buffalo Springfield would release the single For What It’s Worth which would put the movement into action. In June, The Beatles released Sgt Peppers. An album that changed the recording business forever from the marketing 45 rpm singles, to the sales of albums or AOR (Album Orientated Rock). But the event most people like to talk about when you mention “The 60s” is “The Summer Of Love” in the summer of 1967. An experiment that was led by Mark Bowen and the Human Be-In at Golden Gate Park on January 14, 1967 then Height/Ashbury, San Francisco. The Counter Culture or “The Hippy Movement”. The experiment was cut short by the anger brought upon by the ongoing Vietnam War. It ended appropriately in October of that year.
In 1968, the explosion of tensions would finally come to a head with the anti-war movement, the Hippy movement and mainstream America as well. In March of ’68, Martin Luther King was assassinated, spawning riots from coast to coast. And Robet Kennedy was assassinated in June while on his campaign trail. Then in August of 1968, at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, it finally broke. What was suppose to be a peaceful rally turn into a blood bath between police and protesters.
These were also the years Heavy Metal was unofficially born with Jimi Hendrick's Purple Haze, Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild and Deep Purple’s Hush. The Beatles visited Rishikesh in India to attend an advanced Transcendental Meditation training session at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In the end, in August of 1969, Woodstock would give birth to arena rock and the Hippy Movement would be absorbed into mainstream America. Plus we got Richard Nixon as our president for the next 8 years... enough said.

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