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The Early 1970s
The Early 1970s was a period of calm after the tumultuous 1960s. The Beatles split up, Richard Nixon was our president, and the anti-war movement came to an end. But ironically, protests rallies increased in this period but over personal issues rather than big issues. Hippies moved to the hills and sought a more natural life style while mainstream youth was getting “high”. These were “High Times” for sure… Man.
In 1970, The Beatles would release their final attribute to Rock, Let It Be. The session that fueled the breakup of the group. In April of that year, tensions would break at Kent State when an anti-war rally ended with student protesters being gunned down by our own military. This began the end of the anti-war movement. By this time all Americans opposed the war and demanded that we get out of Vietnam. The mood can be heard in The Temptation's Ball Of Confusion and Melanie’s plea for peace in Lay Down. Crosby, Stills & Nash advised us to Teach Our Children and in the end George Harrison gave us faith with My Sweet Lord.
1971 began with cigarette advertisements being banned from TV and All In the Family had its debut on CBS. The NASDAQ stock market index debuts, Joe Frazier beats Muhammad Ali at Madison Sq Garden and Rod Stewart releases his first solo album Every Picture Tells a Story. Shaft makes a hit at the box office and its Theme From Shaft by Isaac Hayes begins a new trend of Urban Soul. The ghetto sound.
1972 was a year of Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal. With Yes’ release of Fragile and their hit Roundabout. Other progressive acts soon became successful such as Emerson Lake & Palmer and Uriah Heep. Heavy Metal was established with Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, Led Zeppelin's Zeppelin 4 (Stairway To Heaven) and Alice Cooper’s School’s Out. The year ended with Urban Soul.. the "ghetto” sound, generating hit after hit. The Temptation's Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Curtis Mayfield’s Freddie’s Dead and The O’Jays Back Stabbers.
In 1973, it seemed Al Green and Barry White held a powerful influence in the crossover from Soul to Disco with the steady "tom tom" rhythms of Al Green’s music and the smooth seductive sounds of Barry White. The first Disco song was released around February by The O’Jays titled Love Train and Pop Metal made its debut with The Sweet’s Little Willie. Pink Floyd’s crossover from Psychedelic to Progressive Rock, when the all time classic album Dark Side Of The Moon made its debut in the summer of 1973. By year’s end, AOR (aka FM Rock) was in, and Top 40 AM radio was switching to FM stereo radio.

If the record was produced for mono,
it should remain mono.

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