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The Mid 1970s
This was a transitional period of the decade for America. A new breed of young people who were neither Hippies, nor X’ers. A generation who would emulate the elders from the sixties, but with no mission or any other purpose than to party. The High School graduates from 1974 through 79. The Generation who took us from Rock to Disco. The generation who watched the resignation of Richard Nixon and grew up through the energy crisis. Who grew their Hair long but never joined a hippy commune, never protested any war but, did take many drugs; for recreational purposes only… as we did our beer. Some of them even went the total opposite direction and never toke a joint in their lives. Speaking as one myself… I call this generation “The Blank Generation”.
It was January 1974 and one of the most popular songs were Smokin’ In The Boys Room by Brownville Station. Led Zeppelin where our masters and Free Bird was our anthem. The Philadelphia sound gained ground with MFSB’s TSOP and The O’Jays’ For The Love Of Money. Bachman Turner Overdrive gave us a new brand of “Power Pop” with Taking Care Of Business and Bad Company rocked us with Can’t Get Enough. Teens were back to having "teen" fun again. Attending High School dances and hanging out at the corner drug store. The only other difference between this generation and the 1950’s generation is we took much more drugs and had much more sex.
1975 was a continuum of ’74. With a rising population of mainstream culture growing more commercial than its predecessors. Disco began gaining steam in ’75 with K.C. & The Sunshine Band’s Get Down Tonight. New shows like Midnight Special, hosted by Wolman Jack with frequent acts such as Neil Sadaka, and The Captain and Tennille. Saturday Night Live made its debut on NBC in September of that year and Jaws was the movie of the year along with other “disaster film” blockbusters. By the end of 1975, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody became the masterpiece of the decade.
It was 1976 that ushered in the “Disco Era”. The Rock era was over. By July 1976, Disco dominated the charts for the first time and for the first time Rock went “FM” or AOR. An underground movement was taking place in New York’s CBGB’s called Punk Rock (which aired mostly on college radio at that time). The Ramones’ first album was released that summer. This would be the foundation of the next decade in pop music along with Reggae.

If the record was produced for mono,
it should remain mono.

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