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The Late 1980s
The late 1980's was another transition to the next decade. The late 1980s saw the peak of the Heavy Metal scene and the birth of Hip-Hop. It was the end of the Reagan era and replaced with the next president's new lie "NO NEW TAXES". It was the "wrap-up" period of 80s music and styles. Narley, Dude...
1987 began with a new style of Rap merging with Punk Rock. This would be achieved by the arrival of a Rap trio straight out of the punk scene called The Beastie Boys with their hit "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party" and later that year L. L. Cool J hit the charts with "I Need Love". Hence... Hip Hop was born. Bon Jovi was topping the charts with his Album Slippery When Wet containing his mega hit "Living On a Prayer" sending shockwaves throughout the Hair Band, Heavy Metal genre. Metal grew so fast that MTV launched its new Heavy Metal program that ran every Saturday night called Headbanger's Ball on April 18th.
In 1988, a Los Angeles Metal band Guns N' Roses, released their first major success Appetite For Destruction with their mega hit "Sweet Chile o' Mine". Van Halen reemerged in the scene with their new singer Sammy Hager; whose sound was much more mellow dramatic than his predecessor David Lee Roth. So mellow, fans saw this as the fall of Van Halen, nick naming the group "Van Hagar", insinuating the band's bland new sound ment the death of Van Halen. Aside from that, Heavy Metal was alive and more powerful than ever. Metallica, after their major success with Masters of Puppets in 1986 released In Justice For All which finally put the band first single "One" on the charts.
In 1989, CDs began replacing vinyl record albums on the shelves in record stores across the country. The Hip-Hop sound gave us Tone Loc's hit "Funky Cold Medina" and Paula Abdul pumped out her mega-hit "Straight Up". Guns N' Roses released their next CD "Lies" containing their hit "Patience". Heavy Metal gave us more hair than we could deal with. White Lion released Pride with their hit "Wait" and Skid Row's "18 and Life" was a frequent play on MTV primetime. Finally in 1989, Motley Crue released its debut "Dr. Feelgood" in December of that year.

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