The Bracelet
season 1, episode 4

Directed by Robert B. Weide
Written by Larry David


Larry David............................... Larry David
Jeff Greene................................. Jeff Garlin
Cheryl David............................ Cheryl Hines
Richard Lewis......................... Richard Lewis
Restaurant Captain................. Perry Anzilotti
Homeless Man........................ Clement Blake
Restaurant Manager
(as Laura Fairchild)................ Laura Streicher
Blind Man (Michael).................... Patrick Kerr
Larry's Receptionist............ Antoinette Spolar
Man with Cell...................... Robert B. Weide

Larry's House
  Larry is watching the football game on his couch, on the phone with Richard Lewis...
LARRY: All right, come on, Vinny. Good. Good catch. Get out of bounds! What did... Get out of... Oh, my God, why didn't he get out of bounds? What a moron! It's only two yards that you're gonna get.
- So what? You don't need two yards. You got two and a half minutes to go, you got to get out of bounds.
- I hate watching them. They just aggravate me so much.
- All right. Yes! Go! Beautiful, first down, excellent. That's the call!
  Cheryl enters the house looking exhausted...
LARRY: Hi, honey!
LARRY: Ah, Cheryl's home....
- No, she went to visit her mother in Tallahassee for four days....
- Okay, I'll-I'll-I'll-I'll see you later.
  Larry gets up to greet Cheryl with a big hug.
LARRY: Hi. Welcome home.
CHERYL: Thank you. Good to be home.
LARRY: Good to see you.
CHERYL: How've you been? What's been going on?
LARRY: Nothing.
CHERYL: Yeah? You got a little... (pointing to his 5 o'clock shadow)
LARRY: What?
CHERYL: You got a little scruff going. It's cute.
LARRY: The prostitutes don't mind it.
CHERYL: No? Oh, good. They give you a discount?
LARRY: They do, they get off on it.
  Larry keeps looking back at the football game on TV
CHERYL: My God, I'm so tired.
LARRY: Really?
CHERYL: There was a three-hour difference...
LARRY: You should go up and take a nap.
CHERYL: Eh, I'm too wound up right now.
  You know little Griffin, my youngest nephew?
LARRY: Yeah. (Still distracted by the game on TV)
CHERYL: Um... He wanted to play on the stairs, and my sister's like, "No, it's too dangerous." My mom says, "I've raised four kids, I..."
LARRY: Hhhh..
CHERYL: (discouraged) Okay, why don't you just watch your game?
LARRY: Come on, it's the last two minutes.
CHERYL: I'll be right up, okay?
TV: ...Man, they shoot themselves in the foot... every single time they get in this position.
The Bedroom
  Cheryl is in bed flipping through a magazine.
LARRY: (Talking from the bedroom's bath) Somebody told me today that too much soy makes your brain shrink.
(Larry is flossing)
Kind of scared me a little bit. I've been having soy for breakfast with my cereal, everyday for the last 10 years. What am I gonna do, switch to milk now? I don't know if I could switch to milk. You know, cholesterol. Can't win, really.
(He gets into the bed)
So tell me about the trip. (stammering) What... How... How's your cousin, Griffin?
CHERYL: Griffin is my nephew. (flipping through the magazine)
LARRY: How's your mother and everything?
CHERYL: She's wonderful.
LARRY: She's sarcastic wonderful, or just...
Does that mean she's not wonderful or?... Just the sarcasm, it's...
CHERYL: No, she really is wonderful.
LARRY: I'm sorry about... what happened downstairs when you got home. I was watching the game and... it was the last two minutes.
CHERYL: That's fine.


Doesn't sound like it's fine. It's, you know...
(a pause Cheryl still looking upset)
I'm sensing rancor. Or is it "ranker"? "Rancor"? I know how to spell it.
CHERYL: Larry, please, it's fine. I don't know what you want me to say right now.
LARRY: How about: (clearing throat) Honey, I forgive you. Would you like to have sex? (small chuckle) How about that? Or any combination of that. Either forgiveness or the sex. Of course, both would be great. That would be ideal. I'm not expecting both.
  (Cheryl not responding... there is a pause)
LARRY: Hey, you know if you were watching the Oscars or something, okay? and they were about to announce the best-actress category and I came home, I would say, "No, sit down, finish watching it."
CHERYL: I think if you had been gone on a trip, I could make two minutes for you to listen to what happened, and see how you're doing.
LARRY: If it was in the third quarter easily, I'd give you 15 minutes. But we're in the last two minutes of the game. They've got the ball on the 35-yard line.
CHERYL: Well... You know, the moment has passed. There's nothing we can do about it now.
Larry's Office
  Antoinette is on the phone at her desk. Larry walks in.
ANTOINETTE: (Talking on the phone) How many frequent-flier miles do I need? Look, I'm gonna call you back. (hangs up)
(to Larry) Hi. Phil Scheff called. He said you can call him whenever you want.
(noticing Larry in sweats and unshaven)
What are you wearing?
LARRY: I'm gonna work out later.
ANTOINETTE: You can't wear that. What happened to the outfit I got you last week?
LARRY: Nah, I'm uncomfortable in it. It's too new.
ANTOINETTE: Hey, Wait a second. Wait a second... You haven't shaved? (there's a pause) All right, what's going on?
LARRY: Nothing.
ANTOINETTE: Na-na-na-na, something's up with you.
LARRY: Cheryl's not talking to me, that's all. It's no big deal.
ANTOINETTE: All right, what did you do?
LARRY: Well, I was watching the game, the football game. She'd been away for four days. She comes home... with two minutes left to go in the game... and my attention was diverted and nah...
ANTOINETTE: Oh, Larry Larry Larry... You gotta get her a gift. You can't come home empty-handed. Absolutely not.
LARRY: Yeah.
  (pause in thought) We were at this jewelry store
  a couple of weeks ago...
ANTOINETTE: There you go...
LARRY: 23rd Street Jewelers, and she was looking at this bracelet... and it was platinum, it had little diamonds in it.
ANTOINETTE: Ooooooo... Oh yeah, that's it.
LARRY: Is that it? Yeah, that's what I was afraid of.
Jewelry Store
  Larry is about to enter a Jewelry store when approached by a homeless person.
HOMELESS GUY: Hey... Hey! You're that chicken l'orange guy. Huh?
LARRY: Oh, yeah, yeah!
HOMELESS GUY: How you doing?
  He reaches out to shake Larry's hand but Larry takes out the edge of his sleeve instead.
LARRY: Good, how are you?
HOMELESS GUY: Good to see you.
LARRY: Nice to see you.
HOMELESS GUY: Thanks a lot for that chicken, that was highly appreciated.
LARRY: Did you like it?
HOMELESS GUY: Man, I loved it!
LARRY: Good.
  Scene changes to inside the jewelry store.
  (from inside the store in the doorway Larry and the homeless guy. Jewel clerk looking suspicious)
HOMELESS GUY: You wouldn't have any spare change?
JEWELRY CLERK: (waving to co-worker) Anna? (Pointing to Larry and the homeless guy)
LARRY: ...Yeah, here's a piece of gum.
HOMELESS GUY: Piece of gum?
JEWELRY CLERK 1: Look at this. What should we do?
LARRY: Okay, take care of yourself.
  An unshaven Larry looks into the door window watching the store clerk nod her head "no".
LARRY: I wasn't with that guy. I'm not with him. These are my workout clothes!
  Disgusted, Larry goes back outside and pulls out his cellpone to call Richard Lewis.
  (To a passerby, Larry hands him his cellphone)
LARRY: Excuse me, sir, could you do me a favor? I'm gonna dial a number. If a woman answers the phone, just hang up... and if a man answers, hand it back to me, okay?
PASSERBY: Are you putting me on?
PASSERBY: What is this about?
LARRY: I hate my friend's girlfriend. I don't wanna talk to her. Please. Thank you.
PASSERBY: (He listens, and hands the phone back) It's a guy.
LARRY: Thank you very much.
(To Richard Lewis on his cellphone)
Richard? What are you doing now? I need you to do me a big favor.
  A few moments later... Richard arrives
RICHARD: Hey, man. (noticing his appearance) No wonder. Look at you.
LARRY: What?
RICHARD: You look like the Jewish Ratso Rizzo.
LARRY: I was gonna work out. Thank you for doing this.
RICHARD: I mean, all right...
LARRY: Thank you.
RICHARD: You're welcome.
LARRY: The bracelet is in the front.
RICHARD: That's the first thank you in over two years, by the way. I just want you to know.
LARRY: You haven't done anything to thank you for.
RICHARD: Good point. (they tap fists) Got it.
LARRY: So the bracelet is right in the front.
LARRY: It's platinum, it's got little diamonds.
RICHARD: Is there a name like "Pluto's Tail"?
LARRY: I don't know the name of it. It's right in the front center.
RICHARD: Of what?
LARRY: Of the display case. It's very prominent.
RICHARD: Is it on one of the velvet neck things?
LARRY: Yeah, it's right in the front center...
RICHARD: No, it's a necklace...
LARRY: It's a bracelet. It's not on a hand.
RICHARD: It's not on a thing?
LARRY: There's only two bracelets in...
RICHARD: It has to either be on a hand or on a mannequin.
LARRY: Why'd I ever call this guy?
RICHARD: Give me some bread, all right.
LARRY: Use your credit card. I'll pay you back later today, I promise.
(Richard heads toward the store)
Thank you.
  He knocks and waits... sees a time clock that says "will return at 1:30".
RICHARD: Hey, Smarty pants.
LARRY: Closed.
RICHARD: Good planning.
LARRY: Shit.
RICHARD: Hey look, I'll do this. I'll do it. But I'm hungry and... We'll come back. We'll come back, let's go eat.
LARRY: Where do you want to go?
RICHARD: I don't know... L. A.  Farm.
LARRY: All right, you drive.
RICHARD: You know what? It's so gorgeous out, we haven't talked, let's walk.
LARRY: You want to walk? It's about 25 minutes, a half hour it'll take us.
RICHARD: So what? Come on, like we're in New York again.
LARRY: I never walked in New York.
RICHARD: Briskly, it's only about 20 minutes. I need it for my cardiovascular. I told you, 25 relatives had heart attacks in my family. Do me one, let me walk.
LARRY: Okay, please...
RICHARD: I'm not lying.
L. A. Farm Restaurant
RICHARD: ...Why do you think? We're men, right, and men need it more.
LARRY: No, it's not about that. (the check arrives) I got it. (the check)
LARRY: I got it, it's fine.
LARRY: No, it's because they are so offended by our genitalia... that they have to be in love with us to have it. That's why we can have sex with anyone and they can't.
RICHARD: Because penises don't look as attractive, and that's why...
LARRY: Yes, they can't just have sex with any man. They have to really love the man to get involved with their penis... with their grotesque penis.
RICHARD: I'm missing something.
LARRY: No, I think it's a good theory.
RICHARD: It's a disgusting theory at lunch, I'll tell you that.
LARRY: We're already finished, so it doesn't matter.
RICHARD: Thanks for lunch, by the way.
LARRY: You're welcome, (puzzled by the check) what is this?
LARRY: There's a space here to tip a captain?
RICHARD: A captain?
LARRY: Yeah.
RICHARD: Wha', Instead of a waiter?
LARRY: No, both.
(shows Lewis the check)
Look at this. There's a space for a captain, and a space for a waiter.
RICHARD: So, you give both.
LARRY: What do you mean I give both? What am I supposed to give?
RICHARD: You give the waiter what you want and the captain half.
LARRY: Half of the waiter's? Half of my 20 percent allotment to the waiter?
RICHARD: Allotment?
LARRY: Well,  I have 20 percent allotted to the waiter.
RICHARD: Sound like you're in the schmata business.
LARRY: The captain's gonna be horning in now on my allotment? On what the waiter's getting?
RICHARD: No,no, the waiter was good.
LARRY: So, it's 30 percent, is that what you're saying?
RICHARD: 20 and 10.
LARRY: 20 and 10?
LARRY: You see a captain? What does a captain do?
RICHARD: I think I saw. The guy at the podium. He pointed.
LARRY: The captain's horning in on the waiter, frankly, 'cause most people are probably... reducing the tip to the waiter...
RICHARD: You think he's horning?
LARRY: Yeah, I do.
RICHARD: That's hilarious.
LARRY: Who is this captain out of the clear blue sky?
RICHARD: You're not leaving anything?
LARRY: I'm giving the waiter 30 percent. Let the waiter give the captain 10 percent if he wants. I'll give the waiter the money.
RICHARD: Let's go. Thanks for lunch, by the way, and thanks for the penis talk.
Outside on the Sidewalk
  Larry and Richard are walking back to the jewelry store.
LARRY: Next time, there'll be a space for a lieutenant... then maybe a colonel, tip the colonel. How much, Colonel? What does the colonel get?
RICHARD: I bet in school, you didn't put the little penny in the UNICEF slots?
LARRY: I put a lot of pennies.
RICHARD: I dunno. It's unlikely.
  Suddenly, they encounter a blind man standing there.
BLIND MAN: Hello, excuse me?
LARRY: Hello.
BLIND MAN: I can't believe you stopped. I've been standing here for over an hour and you're the first people that have actually stopped. Anyway, I hate to impose on you. I wonder if I could just take up a few minutes of your time. I need a little help.
LARRY: Wha.. What do you need?
BLIND MAN: Thank, thank, thank you so much. I just moved into the neighborhood and I have these boxes in the middle of my living room... and I actually just need a minute of your time... to help me move them to the corner, so I don't trip over them. I don't see. (Grins with teeth)
RICHARD: Where do you live?
BLIND MAN: Around the corner. Just right around the corner. It would help me so much if you could just help me.
LARRY: I kinda gotta get to the jewelry store.
BLIND MAN: Yes, I know, it's a terrible imposition. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
RICHARD: How can you not help a blind man?
LARRY: How could you say "blind man," in front of a blind man?
BLIND MAN: Please, no.
LARRY: I didn't mean that in a bad way.
BLIND MAN: No, no.
RICHARD: I meant "sightless." I respect the blind as much as anybody.
BLIND MAN: It's not a problem, believe me.
RICHARD: I didn't mean that in a derogatory sense. I got my own problems. I'm a recovering alcoholic. I have intimacy problems.
LARRY: Poor guy, terrible intimacy problems.
RICHARD: Can't get close to a woman.
LARRY: It's a terrible thing.
RICHARD: It happens to be true. I am just saying, we're all the same. We're all the same.
LARRY: He can't see, and you have intimacy problems. You guys have a lot in common.
RICHARD: There are recovering people who are blind.
LARRY: Your problems are very similar. Alright... Let's go. We'll help you move.
BLIND MAN: Thank you so much.
RICHARD: We're right behind you, bro.
BLIND MAN: Thank you. Are you still there?
LARRY: Yeah..
RICHARD: Unbelievable, you could do this to me.
BLIND MAN: My name is Michael.
LARRY: How you doing?
Michael's Apartment

The blind man is named Michael for those whom are confused....

MICHAEL: Here it is. Thank you so very much. This means the world. Thank you.
Ah... Okay... What I need... is... the computer.
  They pan the room and see all his stuff in the middle of the floor.
MICHAEL: Do you see it?
  Larry and Richard are carrying an iMac computer, still in the box.
RICHARD: Very lovely place you got, by the way.
MICHAEL: Really? Thanks, just put it on the table. Uh... in the corner.
RICHARD: (to Larry) Try to think about my fingers once, will you?
MICHAEL: Great. Just throw a little chair and I'm good.
RICHARD: I can handle this.
MICHAEL: Yeah, Ooh! The agapanthus, sorry.
RICHARD: (carrying a huge plant) This is very heavy.

MICHAEL: Member of the lily family.
LARRY: Push it!
RICHARD: I had a colonoscopy two weeks ago.
MICHAEL: Thank you very much.
RICHARD: It's our pleasure.
MICHAEL: Thanks.
LARRY: (to Richard) You have no strength. You're so fucking dainty.
MICHAEL: You know what? The wingback chair would be better.
  (jumps shots: Larry wanting to punch Michael out.. he's blind....)
MICHAEL: There's nothing else, is there?
minutes later...
MICHAEL: Where do you think I should put the TV?
  Richard and Larry are carrying the TV set.
LARRY: Back up!
RICHARD: You're like a goddamn lion tamer.
MICHAEL: Uh, Okay. Well, Hey, Listen, thanks. It's Mike.
Thanks very much. Thank you soooo very much, Richard.
MICHAEL: Larry, thank you, Larry. Thanks so much. Okay, thanks, all right.
RICHARD: Be well, take care of yourself.
MICHAEL: Okay, just the mattress.
RICHARD: Wa-Where do you want the mattress?
MICHAEL: In the bedroom. (giving the grinning teeth)

Moments later, all seems complete and Michael is sitting in a chair. Larry and Richard are positioning his couch, hopefully wrapping things up.

MICHAEL: Good. Thank you... sooo very much.
LARRY: Okay, you're happy? You sure?
RICHARD: And it looks great, by the way.
MICHAEL: Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.
LARRY: You should be very happy, the place looks great.
MICHAEL: Thank you, Larry. Thanks, Richard. And, you rule. Thank you. Thank you so very much. Just bring the TV in and stick it in the fireplace there... and... go.
LARRY: Get the TV from the bedroom?
MICHAEL: Stick it in the recess of the fireplace.
LARRY: Why, why, why did we move it in the bedroom then? Why is it in the bedroom?
MICHAEL: I don't know why we moved...
LARRY: You told us to move it in the bedroom!
MICHAEL: No, I did not! Richard said bring it in the bedroom.
LARRY: Anyways, You don't even want it. Why do you want it over here?
MICHAEL: For my guests!
LARRY: It doesn't work over here. You'll ruin the whole hearth effect.
MICHAEL: What in the name of God am I gonna do with a TV in my room? I'm blind, for Christ sake!!
LARRY: But it doesn't work in here! It just doesn't fit! That's where it belongs!
MICHAEL: Are you questioning my sense of space, Larry?
LARRY: I'm not questioning your sense of space, but...
MICHAEL: Thank you. Bring in the goddamn TV and be done with it!!!
RICHARD: This is not a marriage, can we just do this?
MICHAEL: Thank you. Thank you, Richard.
RICHARD: Because I have a lot of things going on in my life, too.
MICHAEL: Just bring it in!
RICHARD: So you know, l...
MICHAEL: Richard!
RICHARD: I'm sorry.
Back Walking on the Sidewalk
RICHARD: Uh, look... We did a good thing, but I... Who knew?
LARRY: The blind man misled us, though.
RICHARD: It's true, but...
LARRY: He did mislead us. He didn't tell us the truth about what we had to move. He was a deceptive blind man.
RICHARD: I think if you're blind, you have some uh, some uh..
LARRY: You got a license, you got a blind license?
RICHARD: I can finish my own thought...
LARRY: You weren't doing a very good job of it.
RICHARD: I'm exhausted.

They arrive at the jewelry store and the sign says... "Sorry, we're closed".
  (Richard begins laughing hysterically)
LARRY: You like that?
RICHARD: Shit happens.
LARRY: Shit happens. That's great.
RICHARD: Let me see this thing that we wasted our whole lifetime trying to get.
LARRY: See, in the front, in the center?
RICHARD: On that little ramp thing?
LARRY: Yeah.
RICHARD: It's beautiful.
LARRY: I know, it's nice.
RICHARD: Wave goodbye. It's good to see you.
LARRY: Yeah.
RICHARD: I gotta tell you this. You helped a blind man, and, to me, this was a great day.
LARRY: It was?
RICHARD: Yeah. Every day's a great day for me.
LARRY: Look at you, Norman Vincent Lewis.
RICHARD: No, I'm not Norman Vincent Lewis.
LARRY: Are you Norman Vincent Lewis?
RICHARD: Is it true or not that I have more, I don't know, serenity than you? You are never filled with any gratitude. You have no gratitude.
LARRY: You have more serenity?
RICHARD: In my own way I do.
LARRY: I am in pretty bad shape, if that's the case.
RICHARD: I mean, I love you.
LARRY: You are just a babbling brook of bullshit.
RICHARD: I'll see you.
LARRY: Thanks for your help.
RICHARD: Yeah...  
Larry's Living Room
Larry's back home watching football talking to Lewis on the phone.

LARRY: I hear what you're saying, but I gotta tell you, Richie-boy... I don't think you know what you're talking about. If they punt, the way the Giants' defense is playing, they won't get the ball back.
- Hey, let me ask you something. You didn't happen to pick up my credit card at lunch today, did you?
- I don't know, I must have left it on the table or something.
- Great, we're all made up. Everything's great. Got her some roses. Boy, it's amazing how these roses work.
- You want to buy the bracelet?
Is it her birthday?
Yeah okay, go ahead.
- They're running, what idiots! Do you believe this team?
- I gotta go. Cheryl's home.
LARRY: Hey, how are you, honey? Hi.... mmmmm... mmmmm.... (kissing)
CHERYL: Oh... Okay.... Hahahaha How are you?
LARRY: Pretty good. How are you?
CHERYL: Oh, it's football again.
LARRY: Is there a game on?
CHERYL: Yeah.. You didn't know that?
LARRY: Right now, on the TV? You're kidding?
CHERYL: Not kidding.
LARRY: How was your NRDC meeting?
CHERYL: Oh, It was great. We're gonna have a big, um, beach-cleaning day.
LARRY: Beach-cleaning day?
CHERYL: Yeah. Like, thousands of volunteers, and we're gonna have booths... all up and down the beach, and hopefully get more people involved.
LARRY: Hopefully, but not me, of course, but I wish everybody good luck.
CHERYL: Thank you, I would not expect you to get involved.
LARRY: It's a lot of work for volunteering.
CHERYL: Oh, and you know what? I passed by that jewelry store on 23rd... and I think, I really do want that bracelet.
LARRY: You know what? I was gonna buy you that bracelet today. I almost bought it.
CHERYL: Really? You did?
LARRY: Unfortunately, the store was closed.
CHERYL: You can get it tomorrow. You know, I was...
LARRY: Well, ya know, I was talking to Richard Lewis on the phone earlier and he was with me today and he just asked me if he could buy it for his girlfriend... and I guess I kinda told him "okay."
CHERYL: Why would you do that?
LARRY: We'd already made up.
CHERYL: So, I don't want the bracelet because we made up?
LARRY: No, of course you do. That was stupid.
CHERYL: That doesn't make sense.
LARRY: I know it doesn't, it was stupid.
CHERYL: Let's call him and tell him it was a mix-up, and not to get it for his girlfriend...
LARRY: I'll get it for you first thing tomorrow morning. I don't want to call him. His girlfriend picks up the phone... and I don't want to talk to her...
CHERYL: I'll call.
LARRY: No. He's got caller ID, and I'm gonna be on the phone for five hours, explaining to him why I hung up, and I don't want that.
I'll get up and go down there. I will be there when they open the store. I will turn the key. I'll greet them in the morning.
CHERYL: Okay..
LARRY: It's all done.
LARRY: Uncle Larry is here.
The Next Morning...
Larry is shaving, spiffing up for the jewelry store to hopefully beat Richard Lewis to it...

CHERYL: Larry? Oh... Oh.. Whoa.. What's this all about?
LARRY: I have to get dressed up to go to this jewelry store.
CHERYL: Oh my God, you look great.
LARRY: Thank you very much. Would you mind handing me that sport jacket, please?
CHERYL: I can barely move. I'm just shocked.
LARRY: Thank you.
CHERYL: Oh, um... The restaurant called while you were in the shower.
LARRY: They have the credit card?
LARRY: Okay. Yeah, great.
CHERYL: So, you don't need mine?
LARRY: No, I'm gonna go pick it up before I go to the jewelry store.
L. A. Farm Restaurant

Larry arrives at the restaurant and decides to park in an employee's parking space.

Larry approaches the maitre d.
LARRY: Excuse me.
LARRY: Hi, I called earlier about the credit card.
MAÎTRE D: Yeah, okay, let's see. What's your name?
LARRY: Larry David.
MAÎTRE D: All right, it's yours.
LARRY: Thank you so much.
  (a man walks in the door)
CAPTAIN: Good morning, Laura.
MAÎTRE D: Hi, Perry, good morning.

Larry suddenly realizes the employee of whose parking spot he stole, has blocked him in.
LARRY: Fuck!
MAÎTRE D: (on the phone) The only table I have that night is...
LARRY: Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt. My car's blocked in. I don't know if it's from this restaurant. It's a black BMW, it's a convertible.
MAÎTRE D: It's probably Perry's car.
LARRY: Who's Perry?
MAÎTRE D: The captain. He's right over there.

Larry approaches the captain standing next to the same table he ate at.
LARRY: Could you please do me a favor? I think you're blocking my car.
CAPTAIN: Did you park in an employee-reserved space?
LARRY: I did. I left my credit card here. I just had to run in for 30 seconds.
CAPTAIN: You're the guy from yesterday. So, you got your card?
LARRY: Yes, I did.
CAPTAIN: You had this table, too, right? And the table was good? It was great, wasn't it?
LARRY: It was okay.
CAPTAIN: The service was good?
LARRY: It was fine, yeah.
CAPTAIN: We did everything, I just want to make sure. Normally, when we have good service, we get tips. I think you left something like 30 percent for the waiter and you just drew a line through my waiter-captain tip. I thought maybe it was something...
LARRY: Wait... Hold on a second. The waiter didn't give you any money?
CAPTAIN: No. Waiters don't tip out to waiter captains, and I make a living off my tips.
LARRY: That waiter didn't share that tip with you?
CAPTAIN: No, he didn't.
LARRY: That is so unfair. That's terrible. Really terrible.
CAPTAIN: Yeah, isn't it?
LARRY: I mean you make a living off your tips. And here is a 30 percent tip, and he gets the whole thing.
CAPTAIN: And a line right through the waiter captain.
LARRY: I was emphasizing what an extravagant tip it was in some ways.
CAPTAIN: No, the waiter's...
LARRY: I was calling attention to it. You know, "Here, share this."
CAPTAIN: Actually, I'm in the middle of something right now, so...
LARRY: I'll move the car for you. Just give me the keys. I'll move your car, I'll put it in the space...
CAPTAIN: It's got a special code.
LARRY: It'll take two seconds. Stay here, do your work, and I'll just go move the car.
CAPTAIN: You better find yourself another mode of transportation.
Back On The Street

Larry makes the running dash to the jewelry store hoping to beat Richard to the bracelet.
You can see him running frantically in his suit.

When he arrives, he sees a puckered out Richard Lewis catching his breath.

LARRY: Richard! Wait! Wait!

They both race to the door, pushing each other out the door, like savages.
Richard manages to bang on the door's windows as the the clerk watches in horror...

Richard is drag out the doorway and Larry stands, begging for entrance...