List of George's Girlfriends

Name Actress Description & Quotes Episode Season
Leslie Christine Dunford The Pregnant Chocolate Stain The Baby Shower Season 2
Patrice Valerie Mahaffey The Pretentious IRS Agent
"Who so belongs only to his age, references only popinjays and mumbo jumbos."
The Truth Season 3
Audrey Susan Diol George's Big Nosed Girlfriend
Audrey: You see this per nasal sinus cavity?
George: Oh, I got it.
Audrey: You see how it's collapsing? That's what's causing this huge dent.
The Nose Job Season 3
Monica Dawn Arnemann George's IQ Test
Monica: How did you do?
George: Piece of cake.
Monica: What happened to the test?
George: What? I spilled some food on it.
Monica: Food? What food?
George: What are you talking about?
Monica: Where did you get food?
George: From my pocket.
Monica: What?
George: I eh, I had a sandwich in my pocket.
Monica: And coffee?
George: Yeah, had some coffee, yeah.
The Cafe Season 3
Ava Teri Austin George's Co-worker
Elaine: Maybe the dingo ate your baby.
The Stranded Season 3
Noel Elizabeth Morehead The Pianist
NOEL: You lied to me George, you lied to me.
GEORGE: No, I, uh, um, wa, wa, What did I do? ... Where are you going?
NOEL: I ... am breaking up ... with you!
GEORGE: You can't break up with me. I've got hand.
NOEL: And you're going to need it.
The Pez Dispenser Season 3
Cynthia Maggie Jakobson Elian's Desperate Friend
"No, maybe I need somebody who has nothing, somebody who just has to appreciate being with me because he's so desperate."
The Fix Up Season 3
Carrie Carol Ann Susi Mrs. Sokel's Daughter
"If I ever need a drill bit I'll call you."
The Boyfriend Season 3
Robin Ann Talman The God Bless You Adulteress The Good Samaritan Season 3
Susan Ross Heidi Swedberg NBC Staffer
"So, what kind of a bubble? Like an igloo?"
SUSAN: Well, the - the cabin, is, kind of, uh.. George?
GEORGE: Burned.
The Pitch/The Ticket
The Bubble Boy
The Cheever Letters

The Opera
Season 4
Cheryl Fong Maggie Han The Chinese Lawyer
"Well, after we met, you were all so nice. I just couldn't go through with it. But between you and me, you would have paid through the nose."
The Visa Season 4
Betsy Megan Mullally Sister of Timmy the Double Dip Guy The Implant Season 4
Karin Lisa Edelstein The Risotto Broad
"Well, it's not like after the Risotto."
KAREN: Who is more important to you, her or me? I like you, she doesn't. Who are you gonna pick?
GEORGE: I'm sorry Karen. I know I care for you, but I just can't stand when someone doesn't like me.
KAREN: Well, now I hate you!
GEORGE: That I'm used to.
The Mango
The Masseuse
Season 5
Sylvia Carissa Channing The Antique Store Girl
"Oh. You don't see many guys your age who keep baby pictures of
themselves around. I like it. Consistent with the rest of the house."
Cigar Store Indian Season 5
Sasha Jana Marie Hupp The Latvian Orthodox
Sasha: George, George, uh, I think we have to talk. I think we have a problem.
George: We do?
Sasha: We canít keep seeing each other.
George: Why?
Sasha: (crying) Because itís over. (sob, sob, sob) Itís my parents, the differences in our religion. Oh George, can you ever forgive me?
The Conversion Season 5
Diane DeConn Rosalind Allen Friend From College The Marine Biologist Season 5
Daphne Karla Tamburrelli Dated Her For Spite The Stand-In Season 5
Robin Melanie Chartoff Waitress at The Comedy Club The Fire Season 5
Jane Melora Walters The Topless Sunbather The Hamptons Season 5
Julie Michelle Forbes Took Credit for Buying Elaine The Big Salad
"All I did was hand her a bag."
The Big Salad Season 6
Lindsay Jessica Hecht The Book Club Girl The Couch
The Gymnast
Season 6
Ada Vicki Lewis George's Redhead Secretary The Secretary Season 6
Nina Charlotte Lewis The Bulimic Model The Switch Season 6
Bonnie Jessica Tuck She Had a Male Roommate... Scott The Label Maker Season 6
Denise Joan Scheckel The Bald Fix-up
"She's BALD!"
The Beard Season 6
Paula Christa Miller Elaine's Art Classmate The Doodle Season 6
Nancy Marla Sucharetza "Feels like aliens poking at my body." The Fusille Jerry Season 6
Siena Katy Selverstone The Zoo Employee The Face Painter Season 6
Alice Renee Faia Checkmate The Engagement Season 7
Susan Ross Heidi Swedberg George's Ex-Girlfriend/Fiancť  Complete Season 7 Season 7
Anna Rebecca McFarland Digs The "Bad Boy" The Little Kicks Season 8
Sheila Heather Campbell Photo Store Girl The Package Season 8
Heather Kymberly Kalil Russian Hat Sales Girl
"♪ Co-stanza ♪" (by Mennon)
The Chicken Roaster Season 8
Celia Andrea Bendewald Prison Girl The Little Jerry Season 8
Allison Shannon Kenny The Beauty of The Ball
"♪ Believe it or not, George, isn't at home,
    please leave a mes-saaage at the beep.
    I must be out or I'd pick up the pho-one.
    Where could I be?
    Believe it or not, I'm not hooome. ♪"
The Susie Season 8
Danielle Chelsea Noble Neil's Girl
"A cane. I knew it. So, we meet at last. I admire your skills,
Mr. Peanut."
The English Patient Season 8
Marcy Suzanne Cryer She "Yada Yada'd" Sex
"Speaking of ex's, my old boyfriend came over late last night, and, yada yada yada, anyway. I'm really tired today."
The Yada Yada Season 8
Mary Anne Rena Sofer Works For the New York Visitor's Center
"I told you this town would eat you alive."
The Muffin Tops Season 8
Tara Audrey Kissel The Food Sex Girl The Blood Season 9
Rhisa Laurie Taylor-Williams George's Cousin The Junk Mail Season 9
Nina Justine Miceli The "IT" Girl The Betrayal Season 9
Janet Tracy Nelson Jerry's Look-a-like The Cartoon Season 9