1909 Jazz





Henry Burr   Then You'll Remember Me Columbia 615 MP3
Ada Jones & Billy Murray   I'm Awfully Glad I Met You Victor 16346B MP3
Henry Burr   Honey On Our Honeymoon Columbia 741 MP3
Billy Murray   My Cousin Caruso Victor 16327 MP3
Haydn Quartet Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet Victor 16377 MP3
Billy Williams   When Father Papered The Parlor Columbia A-1691 MP3
Harry Tally   I Wish I Had A Girl Columbia A-0642 MP3
Walter Van Brunt   When I Dream In The Gloaming Of You Victor 16363 MP3
Henry Burr   When You And I Were Young, Maggie Victor 19112 MP3
Ada Jones   Red Head Victor 16360 MP3
Will Oakland   Silver Threads Among The Gold Victor 5691 MP3
Ada Jones   I've Got Rings On My Fingers Columbia A-0741 MP3
Ada Jones Beautiful Eyes Columbia A-0742 MP3
Billy Murray & Haydn Quartet By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Victor 16460 MP3
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan   That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune Columbia A-0801 MP3
Ada Jones   Beautiful Eyes Victor 16339 MP3
Arthur Clough Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet Columbia A-0778 MP3
Harry Lauder   She Is My Daisy Victor 55123 MP3
Arthur Pryor's Band   National Emblem March Victor 17957 MP3
Billy Murray Dixieland, I Love You Victor 16366 MP3
Ada Jones  Golden "Candy Shop" Oh You Candy Kid Victor 16429 MP3
Ada Jones Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? Columbia A-0810 MP3
Blanche Ring   I've Got Rings On My Fingers Monarch V-5737 MP3
Haydn Quartet In The Evening By The Moonlight Victor 17305 MP3
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan   Honey Lou Columbia A-0614 MP3
Ada Jones   My Pony Boy Victor 16356 MP3
Harry Macdonough Where The River Shannon Flows Victor 16440B MP3
Billy Murray Carrie Victor 16770 MP3
Billy Murray   I Wish I Had A Girl Victor 16291 MP3
Henry Burr   I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Columbia 707 MP3
Harold Jarvis   Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere Victor 16008 MP3
Ada Jones I've Got Rings On My Fingers Columbia A-0741 MP3
Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan Down At The Husking Bee Victor 16365 MP3
Haydn Quartet The Old Oaken Bucket Monarch V-1790 MP3
Frank Stanley & Henry Burr   Shine On, Harvest Moon Indestructible 1075 MP3
Eddie Morton Wild Cherry Rag Columbia A-0737 MP3
Sousa's Band   Fairest Of The Fair March Victor 5621 MP3