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June 10, 2007


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American Qt  Cox-olman Oh Johnny Oh Johnny  (1917)  19378-2 VICTOR 18279 MP3
Shannon Qt  Von Tilzer I May Be Gone For A Long, Long Time  (1917)  20082-1 VICTOR 18333 MP3
Peerless Qt  Von Tilzer When The Sun Goes Down In Dixie  (1917)  19501-2 VICTOR 18272 MP3
Henry Burr (tenor)  Wells Joan Of Arc  (1917)  77044 COLUMBIA A-2273 MP3
Peerless Qt  Lange America, Here's My Boy  (1917)  19304-1 VICTOR 18256 MP3
Charles Hart   Somewhere In France Is Daddy  (1917)  20534-7 VICTOR 18374 MP3
Al Jolson  Schwartz I'm All Bound Round With The Mason Dixon Line  (1917)  77572 COLUMBIA A-2478 MP3
Charles Hart  Kahn-van Alstyne So Long Mother  (1917)  20535-6 VICTOR 18374 MP3
Peerless Qt  Von Tilzer I May Be Gone For A Long, Long Time  (1917)  77126 COLUMBIA A-2306 MP3
Henry Burr   Your Eyes, Your Lips, Your Heart  (1917)  20058-2 VICTOR 18283 MP3
Conway's Band   White Rose March  (1917)  20397-2 VICTOR 18360 MP3
Charles Harrison (tenor)  Root Tramp, Tramp, Tramp The Boys Are Marching  (1917)  77242 COLUMBIA A-2357 MP3
American Qt  George M Cohan Over There  (1917)  20306-2 VICTOR 18333 MP3
Al Campbell & Henry Burr  Dave Radford-r.whiting Where The Black Eyed Susans Grow  (1917)  18978-2 VICTOR 18239A MP3
Van And Schenck  Meyer For Me And My Gal  (1917)  19329-2 VICTOR 18258 MP3
John Mccormack  Leonard Cooke-lilian Ray The Sunshine Of Your Smile  (1917)  VICTOR 64622 MP3
Sterling Trio  Brennan-ball My Sunshine Jane  (1917)  20810-2 VICTOR 18403 MP3
Peerless Qt  Grossman-marr Say A Prayer For The Boys Out There  (1917)  20886-2 VICTOR 18411 MP3
Prince's Band  Von Tilzer What Kind Of An American Are You?  (1917)  77130-1 COLUMBIA A-2317 MP3
Nora Bayes  George M Cohan Over There  (1917)  VICTOR 45130-B MP3
Marion Harris   They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me  (1917)  20213-2 VICTOR 18343 MP3
Peerless Qt  Berlin For Your Country And My Country  (1917)  77053 COLUMBIA A-2273 MP3
Sterling Trio  Glatt Give Me The Right To Love You  (1917)  77323 COLUMBIA A-2415 MP3
Prince's Band  Powell Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag  (1917)  77127-1 COLUMBIA A-2317 MP3
Sterling Trio  Santly Hawaiian Butterfly (i Wonder Why......)  (1917)  19369-1 VICTOR 18272 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Larocca-shields-edwards-ragas Dixieland Jass Band - One Step  (1917)  19332-3 VICTOR 18255 MP3
Peerless Qt  Fairman I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm On My Way  (1917)  77184 COLUMBIA A-2329 MP3
Al Campbell & Henry Burr  James Monaco I'm Going To Follow The Boys  (1917)  77550 COLUMBIA A-2479 MP3
Al Campbell & Henry Burr  Logan Hushabye My Baby  (1917)  77246 COLUMBIA A-2358 MP3
Arthur Collins-byron Harlan  Gilbert Lily Of The Valley  (1917)  19883-2 VICTOR 18398 MP3
Sousa's Band  J.p.sousa Liberty Loan March  (1917)  21275-2 VICTOR 18430 MP3
Anna Wheaton (soprano)  Kern "oh Boy" Till The Clouds Roll Be  (1917)  47417 COLUMBIA A-2261 MP3
Henry Burr (tenor)  Howard Somewhere In France Is Lily  (1917)  77393 COLUMBIA A-2408 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Lee-lopez-nunez Livery Stable Blues  (1917)  19331-1 VICTOR 18255 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  James Hanley Indiana - One Step  (1917)  77087 COLUMBIA A-2297 MP3
Marion Harris   Everybody's Crazy Over The Blues  (1917)  21243-2 VICTOR 18443 MP3
Bert Williams  Lardner No Place Like Home  (1917)  77341 COLUMBIA A-2438 MP3
Al Jolson  Schwartz Wedding Bells, Will You Ever Ring For Me?  (1917)  77571 COLUMBIA A-2512 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Shelton Brooks Darktown Strutters Ball  (1917)  77086-3 COLUMBIA A-2297 MP3
Irving Kaufman And Qt  Morse-sullivan Hail Hail The Gang's All Here  (1917)  77395 COLUMBIA A-2443 MP3
American Qt   Goodbye Broadway, Hello France  (1917)  20317-2 VICTOR 18335 MP3
Lt.gitz Rice & Henry Burr  Gitz Rice Life In A Trench In Belgium  (1917)  77413 COLUMBIA A-2410 MP3
A.collins And B.harlan  Brooks Darktown Strutters Ball  (1917)  77595 COLUMBIA A-2478 MP3
Al Jolson  Al Jolson "sinbad" N Everything  (1917)  77602 COLUMBIA A-2519 MP3
Conway's Band   Naval Reserve March  (1917)  20396-2 VICTOR 18360 MP3
Henry Burr (tenor)  Ball All The World Will Be Jealous Of You  (1917)  77041 COLUMBIA A-2275 MP3
Marion Harris  (orig Mx=2/28/17) Some Sweet Day (olman)  (1917)  20215-1 VICTOR 18343 MP3
Edward Hamilton  Romberg "her Soldier Boy" Pack Up Your Troubles In The Old Kit Bag  (1917)  18924-1 VICTOR 18222 MP3
Samuel Ash  Von Tilzer Give Me The Moonlight - Give Me The Girl  (1917)  77305-1 COLUMBIA A-2415 MP3