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June 10, 2007


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C.harrison-w.robyn   I'll Be With You In Appleblossom Time  (1920)  24378 VICTOR 18693 MP3
Henry Burr (tenor)  Fisher You're The Only Girl That Made Me Cry  (1920)  79345 COLUMBIA A-2984 MP3
Nora Bayes   Japanese Sandman  (1920)  79386-1 COLUMBIA A-2997 MP3
Peerless Qt & Henry Burr   Broadway Rose (v H B)  (1920)  24705 VICTOR 18710 MP3
Art Hickman's Orch  Irving Berlin Tell Me Little Gypsy  (1920)  79332-2 COLUMBIA A-2972 MP3
Marion Harris  Von Tilzer I Told You So  (1920)  79387-3 COLUMBIA A-3300 MP3
Billy Murray-edward Smalle   Dardanella Blues  (1920)  24344 VICTOR 18688 MP3
Marion Harris  Kern "night Boat" (1920) Left All Alone Again Blues  (1920)  79072-6 COLUMBIA A-2939 MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band  Straight I Love You Sunday  (1920)  79362-4 COLUMBIA A-3306 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Rose-little-frost Sweet Mama - Papa's Getting Mad  (1920)  24810-2 VICTOR 18722B MP3
Al Jolson  Al Jolson "sinbad" (1918) Avalon  (1920)  79371 COLUMBIA A-2995 MP3
Nora Bayes  Swanstrom-morgan Broadway Blues  (1920)  79389-2 COLUMBIA A-3311 MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band  Fairman Bo-la-bo  (1920)  78924-3 COLUMBIA A-2895 MP3
Marion Harris  Rose-little-frost Sweet Mama  (1920)  79394-1 COLUMBIA A-3300 MP3
Henry Burr (tenor)  Hanley Rose Of Washington Square  (1920)  79084 COLUMBIA A-2928 MP3
Nora Bayes  Simmons "her Family Tree" Why Worry  (1920)  79570-1 COLUMBIA A-3360 MP3
Bert Williams  Smith You'll Never Need A Doctor No More  (1920)  79516-3 COLUMBIA A-3339 MP3
Bert Williams  (dub) Unlucky Blues  (1920)  27664 COLUMBIA 35592 MP3
Marion Harris  Williams-warfield I Ain't Got Nobody  (1920)  79134-1 COLUMBIA A-3371 MP3
Frank Crumit  Von Tilzer Chili Bean  (1920)  79217-1 COLUMBIA A-2952 MP3
Bert Williams  Bayha Eve Cost Adam Just 1 Bone  (1920)  79515-1 COLUMBIA A-3339 MP3
Bert Williams  Archer I'm Gonna Quit Saturday  (1920)  79567-2 COLUMBIA A-3356 MP3
Marion Harris  Will Handy St Louis Blues  (1920)  79124-4 COLUMBIA A-2944 MP3
Peerless Qt   Down Yonder  (1920)  24356 VICTOR 18775 MP3
Mamie Smith And Her Jazz Hounds  Perry Bradford Crazy Blues  (1920)  S7529-C OKeh 4169 MP3
Henry Burr (tenor)  Milton Ager I'm In Heaven When I'm In My Mammy's Arms  (1920)  79341 COLUMBIA A-2978 MP3
Aron Campbell-henry Burr  Kendis-brockman-johnson Feather Your Nest  (1920)  24634 VICTOR 18708A MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  Mueller - Johnson - Busse Wang Wang Blues  (1920)  24392-2 VICTOR 18694 MP3
Al Jolson  James Monaco In Sweet September  (1920)  79152-3 COLUMBIA A-2946 MP3
Ted Lewis & His Band  Davis-conrad-robinson Margie  (1920)  79546-2 COLUMBIA A-3351 MP3
Bert Williams  Smith I Want To Know Where Tosti Went  (1920)  79402-5 COLUMBIA A-3305 MP3
Ted Lewis And His Band  Ted Lewis-bill Munro-andrew Sterling When My Baby Smiles At Me  (1920)  78925-2 COLUMBIA A-2908 MP3
Peerless Qt  Dubin-gaskill-mayo Who'll Take The Place Of Mary?  (1920)  78982 COLUMBIA A-2913 MP3
Eddie Cantor   Margie  (1920)  41534-1 EMERSON 10301 MP3
Marion Harris  Gibson-ribaud-gold Grieving For You  (1920)  79540-1 COLUMBIA A-3353 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  J.schonberger-r.coburn-v.rose Whispering  (1920)  24393-9 VICTOR 18690 MP3
Rachel Grant & Billy Murray  Ingham, Mcconnell, Krengle, Smith Marion  (1920)  23981-1 VICTOR 18671 MP3
Bert Williams  Skidmore-walker Save A Little Dram For Me  (1920)  79318-3 COLUMBIA A-2979 MP3
Bert Williams  Hanley Lonesome Alimony Blues  (1920)  79163-1 COLUMBIA A-2979 MP3
Bert Williams  James Monaco Ten Little Bottles  (1920)  79126-3 COLUMBIA A-2941 MP3
Al Jolson  Olman Ohio  (1920)  79568 COLUMBIA A-3361 MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band  Lewis-mallen Fair One  (1920)  79361-1 COLUMBIA A-2998 MP3
Eddie Cantor   Margie  (1920)  41534-1 EMERSON 10301
Al Campbell & Henry Burr  Burnett-lyman-arnheim Mandalay  (1920)  79477 COLUMBIA A-3350 MP3
Al Jolson  Gershwin Swanee  (1920)  78917-2 COLUMBIA A-2884 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Con Conrad-j.r.robinson Margie - Singin' The Blues  (1920)  24581-5 VICTOR 18717A MP3
Eddie Cantor   Palesteena  (1920)  41494 EMERSON 12092 MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band  Irving Berlin I'll See You In Cuba  (1920)  79047-1 COLUMBIA A-2927 MP3
Marion Harris  Morgan I'm A Jazz Vampire  (1920)  79443-3 COLUMBIA A-3328 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Con Conrad-j.r.robinson Palesteena  (1920)  24590-5 VICTOR 18717B MP3
Frank Crumit  Davis-conrad-robinson Margie  (1920)  79461-3 COLUMBIA A-3332 MP3
Isham Jones & His Orch   Kismet  (1920)  3807 BRUNSWICK 5021 MP3
Frank Crumit  C.conrad-j.r.robinson Palesteena  (1920)  79444 COLUMBIA A-3324 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  West-fried-spencer Broadway Rose  (1920)  24809-2 VICTOR 18722A MP3
Marion Harris  Kern "sally" (1920) Look For The Silver Lining  (1920)  79612-2 COLUMBIA A-3367 MP3
Paul Biese-frank Crumit  Kalmar-ruby Timbuctoo (v Crumit)  (1920)  79556 COLUMBIA A-3352 MP3
Frank Crumit  Kalmar-ruby So Long Ooh Long  (1920)  79066 COLUMBIA A-2935 MP3
Bert Williams  Creamer-layton You Can't Trust Nobody  (1920)  79484-1 COLUMBIA A-3589 MP3
Frank Crumit  Albert Von Tilzer Oh By Jingo  (1920)  79089 COLUMBIA A-2935 MP3
Marion Harris   Oh Judge He Treats Me Mean  (1920)  79104-2 COLUMBIA A-2968 MP3
John Steele   The Love Nest  (1920)  24106-2 VICTOR 18676 MP3
Eddie Cantor   When It Comes To Loving The Girls  (1920)  04759-3 EMERSON 10105 MP3
Al Campbell & Henry Burr   I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time  (1920)  79292 COLUMBIA A-2967 MP3
Peerless Qt   When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget  (1920)  7200-A OKeh 4143 MP3
Bert Williams  Bowers Get Up  (1920)  79164-2 COLUMBIA A-3305 MP3