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June 10, 2007


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Will Fyffe   I'm 94 To Day  (1921)  71404 COLUMBIA 183D MP3
Nora Bayes  Richard Whiting Tea Leaves  (1921)  79805-6 COLUMBIA A-3416 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Arnold Johnson Sweetheart  (1921)  25350-3 VICTOR 18789B MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch   Cherie  (1921)  25049-4 VICTOR 18758 MP3
Charles Harrison  Pease-nelson-dodge Peggy O'neil  (1921)  79873 COLUMBIA A-3438 MP3
Sterling Trio   Georgia Rose  (1921)  25770 VICTOR 18837 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band   Bow Wow Blues  (1921)  25836-3 VICTOR 18850 MP3
Frank Crumit  Berlin All By Myself  (1921)  79807 COLUMBIA A-3415 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Sissle-blake"shuffle Along" Gypsy Blues  (1921)  25635-4 VICTOR 18839A MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band   St Louis Blues  (1921)  25412-2 VICTOR 18772 MP3
Frank Crumit  Albert Von Tilzer I Used To Love You But It's All Over Now  (1921)  79643 COLUMBIA A-3388 MP3
Isham Jones & His Orch  Donaldson My Mammy  (1921)  4887 BRUNSWICK 5046 MP3
Al Jolson  Jolson-desylva "bombo" Yoo Hoo  (1921)  80052 COLUMBIA A-3513 MP3
Bert Williams  (dub) Brother Low Down  (1921)  27661 COLUMBIA 35592 MP3
James P Johnson  James P Johnson Carolina Shout  (1921)  S70260-C OKeh 4495 MP3
Nora Bayes  Shilkret Make Believe  (1921)  79723-6 COLUMBIA A-3392 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Spencer Williams Royal Garden Blues  (1921)  25413-4 VICTOR 18798 MP3
Peerless Qt W Fred Van Eps   My Mammy  (1921)  24924 VICTOR 18730 MP3
Frank Crumit  Zoob-crumit Sweet Lady  (1921)  79972-3 COLUMBIA A-3475 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Burnett-schonberg-kerr Do You Ever Think Of Me  (1921)  24821-8 VICTOR 18734B MP3
Ted Lewis And His Band  Berlin "greenwich Follies" All By Myself  (1921)  79884-4 COLUMBIA A-3434 MP3
Spikes Seven Pods Of Pepper  Spikes Bros Society Blues  (1921)  NORDSKOG 3009B MP3
Isham Jones And His Orch  Meinken Wabash Blues  (1921)  6248 BRUNSWICK 5065 MP3
Ted Lewis & His Band  Motzan-santley Marie  (1921)  80122-3 COLUMBIA A-3538 MP3
Billy Murray-edward Smalle   Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes  (1921)  25526 VICTOR 18830 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band  Harry Akst-irving Berlin Home Again Blues  (1921)  24825-3 VICTOR 18729A MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band   Second Hand Rose  (1921)  79937-2 COLUMBIA A-3453 MP3
Ted Lewis & His Jazz Band  Berlin "music Box" Everybody Step  (1921)  80039-1 COLUMBIA A-3499 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  Berlin Say It With Music  (1921)  25471-4 VICTOR 18803B MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch   My Mammy  (1921)  24863-17 VICTOR 18737 MP3
Ethel Waters  Higgins-overstreet There'll Be Some Changes Made  (1921)  P0147 PARAMOUNT 12170 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch   Humming  (1921)  24864-6 VICTOR 18737 MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band  Con Conrad-fred Fisher Ma  (1921)  79984 COLUMBIA A-3473 MP3
Marion Harris  W.c.handy Beale Street Blues  (1921)  79748-4 COLUMBIA A-3474 MP3
Original Dixieland Jazz Band   Jazz Me Blues  (1921)  25072-5 VICTOR 18772 MP3
Marion Harris   I'm Nobodys Baby  (1921)  79866-2 COLUMBIA A-3433 MP3
Eubie Blake (piano)  Eubie Blake Sounds Of Africa  (1921)  41886-4 EMERSON 10434 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  Rimsky-korsakov Song Of India  (1921)  25322-4 VICTOR 18777B MP3
Will Fyffe   I Belong To Glasgow  (1921)  71405 COLUMBIA 183D MP3
Van And Schenck  Whiting Ain't We Got Fun  (1921)  79806-3 COLUMBIA A-3412 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Louis Hirsch Learn To Smile  (1921)  25323-8 VICTOR 18778A MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch   Make Believe  (1921)  24893-10 VICTOR 18742 MP3
Isham Jones & His Orch  Jerome Kern Whipoorwill  (1921)  4874 BRUNSWICK 2224 MP3
Al Jolson  Perkins Scandinavia  (1921)  79726-2 COLUMBIA A-3382 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch   Dear Old Southland  (1921)  26001-5 VICTOR 18856 MP3
Frank Crumit  Von Tilzer Dapper Dan (von Tilzer)  (1921)  79944 COLUMBIA A-3477 MP3
Frank Crumit  Robledo Three O'clock In The Morning  (1921)  79864 COLUMBIA A-3431 MP3
Al Jolson  Donaldson "bombo" Give Me My Mammy  (1921)  80042 COLUMBIA A-3540 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Chandler-white-cohen Canadian Capers  (1921)  25634-3 VICTOR 18824A MP3
Al Jolson  Silvers "bombo" April Showers  (1921)  80041 COLUMBIA A-3500 MP3
Zez Confrey  Zez Confrey Kitten On The Keys  (1921)  5061-3 BRUNSWICK 2082 MP3
Isham Jones & His Orch  Shilkret Make Believe  (1921)  4894-5 BRUNSWICK 5049 MP3
Bert Williams W Orch  Perry Bradford Unexpectedly  (1921)  80040-2 COLUMBIA A-3508 MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band  Golden-byers Love Me  (1921)  79696-2 COLUMBIA A-3411 MP3
Ted Lewis Jazz Band  #value! Sally Won't You Come Back  (1921)  79923-3 COLUMBIA A-3453 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Motzan-jerome-ahlert Bright Eyes - Medley F.vt.  (1921)  24823-10 VICTOR 18735A MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  H.n.brown-george Gershwin When Buddha Smiles  (1921)  25674-2 VICTOR 18839B MP3
Coon-sanders Orchestra   Some Little Bird  (1921)  79697-2 COLUMBIA A-3403 MP3
Nora Bayes  Shelton Brooks Saturday  (1921)  79888-1 COLUMBIA A-3471 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch   Everybody Step  (1921)  25664-4 VICTOR 18826 MP3
Fletcher Henderson  Fletcher Henderson Unknown Blues  (1921)  P0148 PARAMOUNT 12144 MP3
Katie Crippen Cocal Ac. By Henderson's Novelty Orchestra   Play 'em For Mama, Sing 'em For Me  (1921)  P-104-2 Black Swan 2003 MP3
Leo Reisman & His Orch  T.fiorito-m.earl Love Bird  (1921)  79634 COLUMBIA A-3366 MP3