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June 10, 2007


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Paul Whiteman & His Orch  L Cliff-ivy St.helier Coal Black Mammy  (1922)  26706-7 VICTOR 18939 MP3
Gallagher And Shean  Gallagher-shean Positively Mr Gallagher  (1922)  26728-2 VICTOR 18941A MP3
Van And Schenck  Donaldson Carolina In The Morning  (1922)  80552-3 COLUMBIA A-3712 MP3
Ted Lewis & His Jazz Band  V.lopez-ted Lewis Bees Knees  (1922)  80567-4 COLUMBIA A-3730 MP3
Henry Burr  Jerome-decosta Mary Dear  (1922)  26589 VICTOR 18955 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Donaldson-kahn Carolina In The Morning  (1922)  26789-3 VICTOR 18962 MP3
Ted Lewis & His Jazz Band  West Sunshine Alley  (1922)  80360-7 COLUMBIA A-3647 MP3
Bert Williams  Prince Not Lately  (1922)  80191-1 COLUMBIA A-3589 MP3
Isham Jones & His Orch  Ruby, Meyer My Honey's Lovin' Arms  (1922)  8458 BRUNSWICK 2301 MP3
Henry Burr  Moore-pascoe-dulmadge Faded Love Letters  (1922)  27095 VICTOR 19015 MP3
Ed Gallager And Al Shean  Gallagher-shean Mister Gallagher And Mister Shean  (1922)  26703-4 VICTOR 18941B MP3
Aileen Stanley-billy Murray  Brennan-cunningham-rule,james All Over Nothing At All  (1922)  26818 VICTOR 18943 MP3
Cotton Pickers  Grey-gibbs Runnin' Wild  (1922)  9487 BRUNSWICK 2382 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch   Do It Again  (1922)  26247-5 VICTOR 18882 MP3
Billy Murray  Fred Rose,cliff Friend You Tell Her I Stutter  (1922)  26886? VICTOR 18982 MP3
Leo Reisman Orch  Schwartz;atteridge Lovable Eyes  (1922)  9010 VOCALION 14347B MP3
Abe Lyman - Hotel Ambassador O   Those Longing For You Blues  (1922)  NORDSKOG 3019B MP3
Billy Murray  Zez Confrey Stumbling  (1922)  26490 VICTOR 18906 MP3
Eddie Cantor & Irving Kaufman  I.caesar I Love Her, She Loves Me  (1922)  80328 COLUMBIA A-3624 MP3
Al Jolson  Hanley Lost - A Wonderful Girl  (1922)  80593 COLUMBIA A-3744 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Tierney-mccarthy Journey's End  (1922)  27153-2 VICTOR 18985 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Irving Berlin Some Sunny Day  (1922)  26278-2 VICTOR 18891 MP3
Great Whiteway Orch  Jack Coale-frank Anderson I'm All Alone  (1922)  27180-5 VICTOR 18992B MP3
Virginians  James Jackson Teddy Bear Blues  (1922)  27160-4 VICTOR 18992B MP3
Al Jolson  Abel Silver-benny Davis Angel Child  (1922)  80140 COLUMBIA A-3568 MP3
Eddie Cantor  Hanley How Ya Gonna Keep Your Mind On Dancing?  (1922)  80716 COLUMBIA A-3784 MP3
Charles Harrison   Play That Song Of India Again  (1922)  26132 VICTOR 18877 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  Donaldson-johnson Georgia  (1922)  26321-4 VICTOR 18899B MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  Zez Confrey Stumbling  (1922)  26282-3 VICTOR 18899A MP3
Al Jolson  Jolson-desylva "bombo" Coo Coo  (1922)  80317 COLUMBIA A-3626 MP3
Marion Harris  Donaldson Sweet Indiana Home  (1922)  8486 BRUNSWICK 2310 MP3
Vincent Lopez And His Orch  Felix Arndt Nola  (1922)  8386 EDISON 50960 MP3
Brox Sisters W Benny Krueger   Some Sunny Day  (1922)  BRUNSWICK 2268 MP3
Marion Harris With Isham Jones  Sissle, Blake I'm Just Wild Bout Harry  (1922)  8443 BRUNSWICK 2309 MP3
Al Jolson  Kahn-erdman-russo Toot Toot Tootsie  (1922)  80532 COLUMBIA A-3705 MP3
Nora Bayes  Milton Ager Lovin' Sam - The Sheik Of Alabam  (1922)  80662-1 COLUMBIA A-3757 MP3
Leo Reisman Orch   Idola  (1922)  8650 VOCALION 14331B MP3
Ted Lewis & His Jazz Band  Gibbs Runnin' Wild  (1922)  80703-3 COLUMBIA A-3790 MP3
Billy Jones  Hanley Gee But I Hate To Go Home  (1922)  80367 COLUMBIA A-3641 MP3
Vincent Lopez & His Orch   Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers  (1922)  S70681-C OKeh 4638 MP3
Ted Lewis & His Jazz Band  Busse-lange-davis Hot Lips  (1922)  80463-6 COLUMBIA A-3676 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Eubie Blake I'm Just Wild About Harry  (1922)  26707-4 VICTOR 18938 MP3
Fanny Brice   My Man  (1922)  VICTOR 45263 MP3
Cotton Pickers  Spencer Williams Loose Feet  (1922)  9489 BRUNSWICK 2382 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Hirsch-stamper-buck My Rambler Rose  (1922)  26651-2 VICTOR 18923 MP3
Original Dixieland Jass Band  Shelton Brooks Some Of These Days  (1922)  S71043 OKeh 4738A MP3
Marion Harris  Warren, Gorman Rose Of The Rio Grande  (1922)  9478 BRUNSWICK 2370 MP3
Eddie Cantor  Kalmar-ruby Susie  (1922)  80440 COLUMBIA A-3682 MP3
Marion Harris  Weber Nobody Lied  (1922)  80376-3 COLUMBIA A-3646 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  J.robledo-d.terris Three O'clock In The Morning  (1922)  26729-3 VICTOR 18940 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Romberg,goodman When Hearts Are Young  (1922)  27154-1 VICTOR 18985 MP3
Eddie Cantor  Abner Silver "make It Snappy Sophie  (1922)  80636-2 COLUMBIA A-3754 MP3
Vaughn Deleath   I'm Just Wild About Harry  (1922)  G07925-A GENNETT 4905 MP3
Peerless Qt  Creamer-layton Way Down Yonder In New Orleans  (1922)  26565. VICTOR 18942 MP3
Eddie Cantor  Pete Wendling He Loves It  (1922)  80637-3 COLUMBIA A-3754 MP3
Nora Bayes  Berlin Homesick  (1922)  80549-2 COLUMBIA A-3711 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  Gershwin I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise  (1922)  26748-5 VICTOR 18949 MP3
Eddie Cantor  Kalmar-ruby Joe Is Here  (1922)  80715 COLUMBIA A-3784 MP3
Isham Jones & His Orch  Keyes-lyons-jones On The Alamo  (1922)  7367! BRUNSWICK 2245 MP3
Billy Murray And Ed Smalle  Irving Berlin Homesick  (1922)  27063. VICTOR 18982 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch   They Call It Dancing  (1922)  26008-8 VICTOR 18856 MP3
Isham Jones Orch  Davis, Silver Say It While Dancing  (1922)  8502 BRUNSWICK 2314 MP3
Marion Harris   Homesick  (1922)  8883 BRUNSWICK 2329 MP3
Paul Whiteman And His Orch  H.busse-jack Lange-benny Davis Hot Lips  (1922)  26650-2 VICTOR 18920 MP3
Henry Burr  Walter Donaldson;gus Kahn My Buddy  (1922)  26590 VICTOR 18930 MP3
Billy Jones & Ernest Hare  Kendall Indiana Lullaby  (1922)  80175 COLUMBIA A-3564 MP3
Vincent Lopez And His Orch  Felix Arndt Nola  (1922)  8386 EDISON 50960
Eddie Cantor  Fisher I'm Hungry For Beautiful Girls  (1922)  80342 COLUMBIA A-3624 MP3
Leo Reisman Orch   Lonesome Hours  (1922)  8697 VOCALION 14314B MP3
Isham Jones & His Orch  Jones Broken Hearted Melody  (1922)  9144 BRUNSWICK 2343 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch  Al Jolson "bombo" Old Fashioned Girl  (1922)  26214-7 VICTOR 18879A MP3
Leo Reisman Orch   Bygones  (1922)  8652 VOCALION 14314A MP3
Marion Harris   Carolina In The Morning  (1922)  8747 BRUNSWICK 2329 MP3
Al Jolson  Milton Ager Who Cares  (1922)  80631 COLUMBIA A-3779 MP3
Paul Whiteman & His Orch   Oriental  (1922)  26377-22 VICTOR 21599 MP3
California Ramblers   My Honey's Loving Arms  (1922)  8795 KIRKEBY VO14329 MP3
Peerless Qt   Georgia  (1922)  26127 VICTOR 18876 MP3
Henry Burr  George M.cohan "little Nell" You Remind Me Of My Mother  (1922)  26897 VICTOR 18957 MP3
Billy Jones & Ernest Hare   Why Should I Cry Over You  (1922)  S70732-A OKeh 4657 MP3