"Gee Martha, what is this we are listening to? Hum? Is it Swing? No, it's not Swing.  Is it Jazz? No, it's not jazzy enough to be jazz.  Is it Jump? Hum, could be. I hear Dinah's sweet voice cumin' through the speaker."


Blues? Probably, with a rhythm. What makes Rhythm & Blues so different from just plain Blues? The complete package. You see, Blues is soft, warm and cuddly. Blues talks to you about the HARDSHIPS and DISPARE. Rhythm & Blues is rough, upbeat, makes you want to dance all night long. Talks about raisin' Cane. The idea of seeing your problems in a aggressive light makes it all right.


The transition from Jump Blues to R & B was so subtle that most people mistake Jump for R&B. The Difference between the two is attitude.


In 1946, the ATLANTIC RECORD CO. was formed by Ahmet Ertegun in New York City. This was the catalyst of the Rhythm & Blues movement with such acts as:


"Big" Joe Turner


Ruth Brown


The Clovers


Ray Charles




Another major act who became an icon for a up and coming style, in which we'll get to later, was a piano player from New Orleans who was inspired by Fats Waller was a man named Antoine Domino AKA FATS DOMINO who was signed to the new record label IMPERIAL by Dave Bartholomew in 1949 when he recorded his first record THE FAT MAN.




Fats Domino introduced the triplet piano playing style in which he is famous for which became a staple for the not yet formed "ROCK'N'ROLL'. Unlike Rock'N'Roll, mostly all R&B acts were Black.