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1. Sharon Tandy - Hold On

Sharon Tandy was a South African singer who achieved some success in the United Kingdom in the 1960s as part of the blue-eyed soul and psychedelic movements. In 1966, she recorded some songs at Stax studios, a rarity for a white singer.

Label: ATCO 45-6518
Released: 1967

2. Weird Street Carnival - The Inner Truth

Formed in Mount Kisco, NY, United States, date unknown..
Band members Bobby McGee (vocals), Rick Garfinkel (guitar), Dave Prop (keyboards), Ron Schwalbe (guitar), Pete McCormick (bass), Robby Bruno

Label: Copra Records ‎CO 2305
Released: 1968

3. The Cryan Shames - The Sailing Ship

The Cryan' Shames are an American garage rock band from Hinsdale, Illinois. They originally formed as The Travelers, with founding members Tom Doody ("Toad"), Gerry Stone ("Stonehenge"), Dave Purple ("Grape") of The Prowlers, Denny Conroy and Jim Fairs from The Roosters, Jim Pilster ("J.C. Hooke", so named because he was born without a left hand and wore a hook), and Bill Hughes. The band's most successful moment came with their cover of The Searchers song, "Sugar and Spice".

A Scratch in the Sky (1967) is the second album by The Cryan' Shames. For this album, new members Isaac Guillory and Lenny Kerley join the lineup. Dave Purple and Jerry Stone are no longer listed on the credits. On their second album, the Cryan' Shames shifted from the heavy British Invasion and Byrds influences of their debut into a more California sunshine pop-flavored sound, without abandoning their debts to the Beatles and the Byrds altogether. On this second album, all but 2 songs are original compositions by Jim Fairs and Lenny Kerley.

From the album: A Scratch in the Sky
Released: December 6, 1967

4. Chocolate Watch Band - Medication

The Inner Mystique is the second album by the American garage rock band, The Chocolate Watchband, and was released in 1968 by Tower Records. This album is the most well-known released material from the band.

From the album: The Inner Mystique
Release date: February 1968

5. Jeff St. John & The Id - Eastern Dream

Label: Spin ‎EK-1446 (Australia)
Released: 1966

6. The Eyes - I'm Rowed Out

The Eyes was a British psychedelic rock band, formed in 1964 and disbanded in 1967. During 1965 and 1966, they released a number of singles such as "When the Night Falls", "The Immediate Pleasure", "You're Too Much" and "I'm Rowed Out".

From the EP: The Arrival of The Eyes
Label: Mercury 10035 MCE EP
Released: 1966

7. Love - No Matter What You Do

Love is the eponymous debut album by the Los Angeles-based rock band Love. One of the first rock albums issued on then-folk giant Elektra Records.

From the album: Love
Released: March 1966

8. Blues Creation - Just I Was Born

Blues Creation was a Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo in 1969. Led by guitarist/singer Kazuo Takeda, they were known as Blues Creation from 1969 to 1972 and after a three year hiatus returned as simply Creation in 1975.

From the album: Demon & Eleven Children
Released: 1971

9. The Family - So Much To Remember

The Family (not to be confused with "Family" from England) is a Chicago garage rock band of the mid to late 1960's..

Label: U.S.A. Records 886
Released: 1967

10. The Mandrake Memorial - Bird Journey

The Mandrake Memorial was an American psych/progressive rock band active 1967-1970, known for their Baroque sound and unique songwriting.

From the album: The Mandrake Memorial
Release date: 1968

11. Les Goths (The Goths) - A Man Has Been Entered

A heavy metal band from Germany. Reve De Silence (Silence Dream) is an unreleased album recorded for EMI France from Les Goths. Preceded by two singles for EMI: "I Remember" b/w "Turnover", and "Les Jour Etait Gris" b/w "Out of the Sun" in 1968. The band was comprised of brothers Gino (guitar/vocals) & Bruno Frascone (drums/vocals), & Bernard Faucher (bass). The band started out a four piece, until their producer, Yves Jouniaux, dismissed their drummer as he felt the chemistry as a trio was superior.

The two singles reached cult status in France. In addition to the two singles, the band recorded a 10 track album that never saw release until 2011 on Shadocks Music.

From the album: Reve De Silence
Released: 2011

12. The United States Of America - The Garden of Earthly Delights

The United States of America was an American experimental and psychedelic band whose works, recorded in late 1967, are an early example of the use of electronic devices in rock music.

The United States of America is a 1968 album by The United States of America. Produced by David Rubinson, it was released by Columbia Records in 1968.

From the album: The United States of America
Released: March 6, 1968

13. The Tea Company - Make Love, Not War

Recorded in 1968, Ultra-Sound Studios in Long Island,N.Y. U.S.A. Frankie Carr- 12 string Rickenbacker guitar Lead& lead Vocal. John Vancho -Hofner Bass, Background vocals.Mike Lassandro-Rogers Drums,Background vocals.Alfred Vertucci-2nd guitar&lead vocal on "You Keep Me Hanging On". only Vox SuperBeatle Amps used.

From the album: Come And Have Some Tea With The Tea Company
Released: 1968

14. Earth Opera - All Winter Long

Earth Opera was an American psychedelic rock group, active during 1967-1969 and featuring Peter Rowan and David Grisman.

The Great American Eagle Tragedy is a second and last album by the psychedelic band Earth Opera, recorded in 1969.

From the album: The Great American Eagle Tragedy
Released: 1969

15. Travel Agency - That's Good

The Travel Agency formed in San Francisco and released their self-titled LP, produced by Bread's James Griffin, on LA's Viva Records in 1968.

From the album: The Travel Agency
Released: 1968

16. Fifty Foot Hose - Red The Sign Post

Fifty Foot Hose is an American psychedelic rock band that formed in San Francisco in the late 1960s, and reformed in the 1990s. They were one of the first bands to fuse rock and experimental music. Like a few other acts of the time (most notably the United States of America), they consciously tried to combine the contemporary sounds of rock with electronic instruments and avant-garde compositional ideas. Cauldron is the first album from San Francisco's Fifty Foot Hose. The album is remarkable for featuring a variety of homemade synths, formed by the hands of bassist Louis "Cork" Marcheschi.

From the album: Cauldron
Released: 1967

17. The Velvet Underground L.T.D. - Correct Me

Top notch and rare moody low-key garage on Foundation! Obviously an Okie band (not the same band as the very popular Velvet Underground with Lou Reed), who released this, their sole 45, in 1968. It sounds more '65 than '68 though, I must say. Audio transferred from original vinyl 45.

The Velvet Underground L.T.D. formed in Enid, Oklahoma with band members Ronnie Hicks.

Label: Foudation H-8931
Released: 1968

18. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - As The World Rises And Falls

Volume 3: A Child's Guide to Good and Evil, is the third album by the American psychedelic rock group, the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and was released in 1968 on Reprise Records. It is widely regarded as their best album.

From the album: Volume 3: A Child's Guide to Good and Evil
Released: 1968

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