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1. Saturday's Children - Born On Saturday

The Windy City has given birth to lots of cool music, including the 1960s pop group, Saturday's Children -- Chicago's answer to John, Paul, George & Ringo.
Before horn rock trashed the city's rock 'n' roll rep, midwest mecca Chicago boasted arguably the strongest teen scene on the planet. Back then, c. 1966, local bands played one of two styles: "Beatles" or "Stones". The Shadows of Knight best exemplify the latter racket, while a more melodic style was mined by the the such Windy City notables as the New Colony Six and the Cryan Shames. But no band in Chicago could come close to Saturday's Children when it came to capturing the sound of the Fab Four.

Lead singer Geoff Bryan sung with the strength and confidence of McCartney and Lennon, and at the same time, possessed a similar knack for melody. His songs were recorded by the Cryan Shames, The Shady Daze and a formative version of the Buckinghams (The Centuries). Yet the magic was in the records he cut with his own band, Saturday's Children.

Label: Dunwich D-139
Released: September 1966

2. Sip and Smoke - My Friend

A completely unknown duo from what I would presume to be the NYC tri-state area. That would be NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, perhaps Connecticut? It was real tough finding any info on these guys who give us a sort of Everly Bros. type thing only more garage-like with some ambient organ fills. Nice.

Label: Murbo 1003
Released: 1966

3. Lords Of Altamont - Born To Lose

The Lords of Altamont are a rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California. The band mixes the sounds of '60s Garage and psychedelic rock, American punk rock, British rhythm and blues and glam combined with B-movie biker exploitation imagery.

From the album: To Hell With the Lords of Altamont
Released: 2002

4. The Smoke - Cowboys And Indians

A 1968 studio project, Los Angeles, USA. Michael Lloyd (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, horn and string arrangements), Stan Ayeroff (guitars), Steve Baim (drums). Copies of the Smoke's self-titled album are highly valued by collectors of West Coast soft rock and psychedelic music. The album certainly deserves its reputation as one of the masterpieces of 1968. It opens with the organ-driven "Cowboys and Indians," which was producer/songwriter Michael Lloyd's personal homage to Brian Wilson's "Heroes and Villains" and lyrically makes mention of war (obviously the Vietnam War was very much on everyone's minds at the time).

From the album: The Smoke
Released: 1968

5. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Come and Buy

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown are an English psychedelic rock band formed by singer Arthur Brown in 1967. The band included Vincent Crane, Drachen Theaker, and Nick Greenwood.

From the album: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Released: 1968

6. Ora - Seashore #2

Seashore is first track of their 1969 album Ora, the opening track which was recorded a couple of years before. Seashore #2 is the 2nd version recorded in 1969 and release in 2006on CD and vinyl which is presented in this compilation. The first track on side four of the double album.

Label: Wah Wah Records  LPS029
Format: Double Vinyl LP Reissue
Country: Spain
Released: 2006

7. Captain Beefheart - When It Blows Its Stacks

Don Van Vliet was an American singer, songwriter, musician and artist best known by the stage name Captain Beefheart. His musical work was conducted with a rotating ensemble of musicians called the Magic Band, with whom he recorded 13 studio albums.

From the album: The Spotlight Kid
Released: 1972

8. Research 1-6-12 - I Don't Walk There No More

From the album: In Research
Released: 1968

9. Damon - Don't You Feel Me

'Song of a Gypsy' is a true monster of U.S. psychedelic music. Album contains very laid-back, stoned vocals with nice fuzz guitar and even a sitar and it's truly among the pillars of rare psych albums.

From the album: Song Of A Gypsy
Released: 1968

10. Stackridge - Purple Spaceships Over Yatton

Friendliness is the second album by the British rock group Stackridge. The album was produced by Stackridge and Victor Gamm at Sound Techniques, London.

From the album: Friendliness
Released: 1972

11. Man - Puella! Puella! (Woman! Woman!)

Man are a rock band from South Wales whose style is a mixture of West Coast psychedelia, progressive rock, blues and pub rock.

Revelation is the first album by the Welsh psychedelic/progressive rock band Man and was released January 1969. It was noted for the simulated orgasm on "Erotica", which received a UK ban.

From the album: Revelations
Released: 1969

12. Jason Crest - Black Mass

Tonbridge band Jason Crest released five singles on Philips between 1967-69 and all are hideously rare. Check out their retrospective collection on the Wooden Hill CD that came out about 10 years ago. According to the liners, Jason Crest were considered to be one of the most dynamic live acts operating in and around London during the late sixties mixing original material with reconstructions of other artists songs such as 'A Hazy Shade Of Winter', 'Fresh Garbage', 'California Dreaming' and 'Paint It Black'....

These songs were all recorded during sessions with the BBC and can be heard on the LP of radio recordings released on Tenth Planet Records in the late 90s. Only 1000 were pressed and it's now a hard item to score.

Label: Philips ‎BF 1809
Format: Vinyl 7" Single
Country: UK
Released: 1969

13. The Tropics - As Time's Gone

"Hailing from Florida, The Tropics were one of the finest '60s garage bands. Their memorable concerts are still remembered today by the lucky ones who saw them at the time. Between 1965 and 1969, they recorded some explosive and now legendary 45s which are prime examples of garage-rock, teen-beat, folk-rock and proto-psych sounds. Here you'll find most of those 45 sides along with some rare, previously-unreleased-on-vinyl tracks.

Including the classic "As Time's Gone" (covered by The Fuzztones) and many more. Remastered sound in mono, insert with detailed liner-notes by Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things)

Label: Columbia 4-43976
Format: Vinyl 7" 45 RPM, Promo
Released: 1967

14. Salvation - Think Twice

Salvation was a late-1960s American rock band from San Francisco. The group started as the New Salvation Army Banned in 1967 with the lineup of Al Linde singing and Joe Tate on guitar, later supplemented by bassist Artie McLean, keyboardist Art Resnick, and drummer Teddy Stewart. The group was sometimes billed as the New Salvation Army Band and their name prompted a legal challenge from The Salvation Army church organization. They performed in San Francisco, featured as the house band at the Roaring Twenties topless club in North Beach, at shows in Golden Gate Park and at the Haight-Ashbury communal venue the Straight Theater. In 1968 they changed their name to Salvation and issued a debut album of the same name, followed later by their second album release, Gypsy Carnival Caravan, both on ABC Records. The band performed as an opening act for The Doors and Big Brother and the Holding Company before headlining in New York City at the Fillmore East in 1969. They dissolved in 1970 over financial issues.

From self title album: Salvation
Released: 1968

15. Organized Confusion - That I Love You

Organized Confusion were formed in Citrus Heights, Sacramento in 1965. The band members were Randy Richardson (guitar, vocals), Joe Fraily (guitar), Bill Tolland (bass) and Dave Wilhite (drums). They recorded some tracks at Bill Rase Recording Studios in Sacramento in the Summer of 1967. One single was released later that year. The group split up early in 1968.

Label: Star Dust 161 7" 45 single
Released: 1968

16. Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - Fuzz Party

From the album: La Panthère Pop
Released: 2008

17. The Sundowners - Into the Light

This is the first release from The Sundowners debut album released on Skeleton Key Records, Produced by The Corals James Skelly, Ian Skelly and Richard Turvey at Parr Street Studios.

Into The Light, is released on Monday December 8th 2014

18. The Moody Blues - Are You Sitting Comfortably

"Are You Sitting Comfortably?" is a 1969 song by the progressive rock band The Moody Blues. It was written jointly by band members Justin Hayward and Ray Thomas. It was recorded and released in 1969 on the Moody Blues Album On the Threshold of a Dream.

The lyrics of "Are You Sitting Comfortably?" refer heavily to the legend of King Arthur, and include direct references to Camelot, and to the characters Merlin and Guinevere, all of which are part of the legend.

The song itself is primarily driven by Justin Hayward's vocal performance and Ray Thomas's flute, which gives it a sound similar to Hayward and Thomas's collaboration, "Visions of Paradise," from the Moody Blues previous album, In Search of the Lost Chord.

From the album: On The Threshold of a Dream
Released: 1969

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