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1. The Seeds - Bad Part Of Town

The Seeds were an iconic and highly influential American rock band. The group, whose repertoire spread between garage rock and acid rock, are considered an influential proto-punk band.

From the album: Bad Part of Town
Released: 1982
Label: MGM K-14163 7" Promo single
Released: August 11, 1970

2. The Blues Magoos - I'll Go Crazy

Psychedelic Lollipop is the debut album by the American rock band Blues Magoos, and is one of the first records to have the word “psychedelic” on the sleeve.

From the album: Psychedelic Lollipop
Release date: November 1966

3. Glass Sun - Silence of the Morning

The Glass Sun is an American Garage Band from Westland Michigan made several recordings between '64 and '72. Bruce Roll, lead guitar; Dan Sills, drums; Rick Roll, bass guitar.

Label: Sound Patterns ‎RN-139 7" 45 RPM, Single
Released: 1971


4. Giles, Giles & Fripp - Why Don't You Just Drop In

Considering that Giles, Giles & Fripp's original album sold about 500 copies, the very existence of this 70-minute CD is a source of astonishment as well as delight. Comprised of privately made tapes of the legendary progressive/pop/rock trio -- all home recordings, on a Revox stereo reel-to-reel recorder, that made lots of use of overdubbing -- this CD shows Robert Fripp, Peter Giles, and Michael Giles (along with Julie Dyble and Ian McDonald) at their most experimental.

From the CD The Brondesbury Tapes (1968)
Released: October 1, 2001

5. Gong - 5 & 20 Schoolgirls

Magick Brother is the 1970 debut album from Gong, featuring Gilli Smyth and Daevid Allen. It has been rereleased on CD. It has also been listed as Magick Brother, Mystic Sister.

From the album: Magick Brother
Release date: March 1970

6. 49th Parallel - Close the Barn Door

Calgary, Alberta's 49th Parallel were originally known in the mid-60's as a popular bar band by the name of The Shades Of Blond. With a stifling and musically limiting Calgary club scene they were never able to get farther than having one single in 1966 "All Your Love". The tune would eventually pop up on a (now rare) 4 song EP next to an early incarnation of The Stampeders. In 1969, the single "Twilight Woman" was released on Venture Records. The is the B side of that single. Pretty damn cool.

Label: Venture 1004X (Canada)
and on Maverick Records MA-2004 (US)
Released: 1969

7. Bedlam Four - Hydrogen Atom (Or Mushrooms Are In)

Bob Derrickson (lead guitar, vocals), Gary Orling (guitar), Randy Reymer (bass), Greg Huppert (keyboards, vocals) and Rick Baem (drums) formed The Echomen in 1965. The group forms around Bob and Rick (both 16 years old) who play surf instrumentals in Rick’s basement. All of the members live in Hastings, except Gregg, who is from River Falls, Wisconsin. The band plays teen dances and bars in the Hastings/River Falls area and also at Proaches Popular Ballroon in Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

Label: Armada Records A-001 Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single
Released: 1967

8. The Specters - Depression

Back in early 1966, the Specters from Worcester, Mass., cut an interesting moody 45 called "Depression" featuring memorable guitar lines from future Berklee College of Music professor Jack Pezanelli. The Specters (Ron Hadley, organ; Jack Pezanelli, lead guitar; Dave Galli, rhythm guitar, bass; Paul Odgren, drums) were born in Worcester in 1966 after re-organization of the Dischords. The 45 was recorded in Worcester in February 1966. It was recorded in a living room studio (the engineer, Harold Hills' house) with no sound booths, so the drummer had to stuff pillows into the bass drum and could only play at a very soft level to keep from bleeding into the other tracks. Randy Price (bass) was a one-time band member only for the recording session.

Label: Melbourne Records ‎3230 Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single
Released: February 1966

9. The Alpha Band - Interviews

The Alpha Band was a rock band formed in July 1976 from the remnants of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. Band members were T-Bone Burnett, Steven Soles, and David Mansfield, plus sidemen who differed from record to record and included: David Kemper (later drummer for Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia Band); gospel great Andraé Crouch; and former Beatle Ringo Starr.

Interviews is the debut album by the rock band The Alpha Band, released in 1976. The band was formed in 1976 from the remnants of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. The core band members were T-Bone Burnett, Steven Soles and David Mansfield.

From the album: Interviews
Released: 1976

10. Things To Come - Come Alive

Label: Warner Bros. 7164
Released: January 1968

11. The Leaping Ferns - It Never Works Out For Me

Label: X-P-A-N-D-E-D Sound X-103
Released: 1964

12. Fifty Foot Hose - Rose

Fifty Foot Hose is an American psychedelic rock band that formed in San Francisco in the late 1960s, and reformed in the 1990s. They were one of the first bands to fuse rock and experimental music. Like a few other acts of the time (most notably the United States of America), they consciously tried to combine the contemporary sounds of rock with electronic instruments and avant-garde compositional ideas. Cauldron is the first album from San Francisco's Fifty Foot Hose. The album is remarkable for featuring a variety of homemade synths, formed by the hands of bassist Louis "Cork" Marcheschi.

From the album: Cauldron
Released: 1967

13. 1910 Fruitgum Co. - Reflections From The Looking Glass

This song, Reflections from the Looking Glass, was the B side of "Simon Says", which was played by radio stations until the record company stopped them. Buddah later resorted to pressing their B side in reverse to stop radio stations from playing them on the air. "Pow Wow", the B side of "Indian Giver" in 1969 is amongst the most popular of the backward B sides.

Label: Buddah BDA 248
Released: February 1968

14. Nocturnal Day Dream - Had A Dream Last Night

This is a B-side single to "Dark dreary night" and was written by Michel DeRepentigny & Stan Langford.
The 45 was released in 1968 by Coconut Groove.

Label: Coconut Groove 2039
Released: 1968

15. Eire Apparent - Yes, I Need Someone

Eire Apparent were a band from Northern Ireland, noted for launching the careers of Henry McCullough and Ernie Graham, and for having Jimi Hendrix play on, and produce, their only album.

From the album: Sun Rise
Released: 1968

16. Sound Expedition - Ultimate Power

Fuzz destructive! Scarce 45 that was on the compilation "Aliens Psychos & Wild Things vol4". It was the only 45 by this little know Nebraska band.

Label: Century 34204
Released: 1969

17. Scrugg - I Wish I Was Five

When John Kongos left South Africa to record a song in England, he eventually got together with some guys and formed a band, Floribunda Rose. After releasing one single in 1967, the band members shifted a bit and those that remained (including Kongos) changed to this name.

This song comes from the group’s first single, released in 1968, as a B-side. It was later accepted that it was the better of the two sides, and had they promoted it rather than its flip, “Everyone Can See,” the single may have pushed the group forward.

Label: Pye 7N 17492 (UK)
Releaed: April 5, 1968

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